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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Reasons Why No Honest Jew Can Become a Christian

There are nine positive commands, that a Jew must break and deny, before ever he can become a Christian.

1st. He must deny the Unity of God, and support a Trinity of Persons, which is Idolatry, (see Deut. 4:16,) and take the name of a man (a "male") as a God, into his mouth.

2d. He must deny the Seventh Day Sabbath, which is the Seventh "Spirit of God," or the Seventh Spirit of his Existence, which is Rest, and keep the ROMAN SUNDAY.

3d. He must deny C i r c u m c i s i o n, which is a positive command of God, never to be abrogated or gainsaid by any inferior testimony: Excision is the penalty. See Gen. 17:10, 13, and 14.

4th. He must deny and cease to keep the Four Annual Feasts, which were to be "kept forever throughout their generations."

5th. He must deny the whole Law* of God, as being "Abrogated," "dead," and "Married to another," (see Rom. 7:4,) and "Finished," and not merely succeeded, but superseded by a Gospel (so called,) and thus destroy all that preserves the existence† of the moral character of God, or his Attributes, which is the same thing. And who cannot see, if we destroy the Law, the Gospel (so called) has no foundation whatever?

* God exists morally or Spiritually, and the strength of his Existence depends alone upon the Law of his Constitution.

Man exists physically, and the strength of his Existence depends alone upon the Laws of his Constitution.

6th."He must lose sight and deny the Supremacy and Pre-Eminence of Israel as a Nation, and "Kingdom of Priests," (Exod. 19:6,) over the whole world, also Esau's selling his "Birthright" to Jacob, which included also his "Blessing," of being "Lord over him" and the whole visible creation. Gen. 27:29.

7th. He must deny God's positive command, "That Israel shall dwell alone," (Deut. 33:28, and Num. 23:9,) "and not be reckoned among the nations;" and by mingling himself amongst the Gentiles, loses his own Identity, and if he have any children, they must be neither Jew nor Ashdod. Neh. 13:24.

8th. He must deny any difference between "Clean and Unclean," "Sacred and Profane," which God positively commands in his Law. See Lev. 11.

9th. He uses "Blood," "Things Strangled" and "Offered to Idols," even to Three* DISTINCT PERSONALITIES, which is Spiritual "Fornication and Idolatry," (see Deut. 4:16,) and whenever he eats anything blessed in any other name than the "name of the only one God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," he sacrifices unto a "Strange God;" besides he denies and destroys, as far as he can go, the design God has in keeping the distinctness and Identity of that People upon whom alone "he has named" and placed his Great Incommunicable and Ineffable NAME, as the alone medium of Blessing the whole world.

* Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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