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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).


on the

Restoration and Redemption of Israel, as to the Time When

The Rabbies and Wise men of Israel have been blessed with wisdom and discernment sufficient to see, that when Israel is restored it must be at a Jubilee period, or rather at a Jubilee of Jubilees, which is 50x50*=2500 years; and it must be most particularly observed, that a Jubilee could only take place at a time, as is declared in Lev. 25. c. 10 v., when "ALL the inhabitants" are in the land, or when "ye shall return every man unto his possession."

* "7 times 7 are 49 years, and the 50th year was commanded to be Hallowed, and declared to be a Jubilee. See Lev. 25. 8,9,10.

Now the last time that this was the case is recorded in 2d Kings 10:32 and 33, "when Hazael smote Israel," and then carried the "Gadites and Reubenites," and the half tribe of Manassites, or the two and a half tribes, to "Gilead and Bashan."

This event took place, as we see from 2d Kings, 10th chapter, 884 B.C.; and what makes this period correct, is, that it took place long before the chronology was ever corrupted by the Greeks, or Romans; or by the Julian* period; it will therefore stand as follows:

* Or as it was changed by Julius Caesar.

B.C. 4000


B.C. 884

  as given in 2 Kings 10:32-33.

A.D. 1852



  Present year.





A.M. 5852




Present Jewish Year 5612






Difference: 240



  Difference between the Jewish and Christian time.








  years yet to come will bring us to 1856






  years will be a Jubilee of Jubilees

So we see, that if we count from the time of B.C. 884, before ever the Chronology was altered and corrupted, we have 5 years, which will bring us to 1856; when, if this calculation be correct, it will being us to the end of the 2500 years, or 50x50, for the great Jubilee, or Restoration and Redemption of Israel.

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