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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Appendix A.

The Christian religion has forestalled and anticipated nearly everything in relation to the literal coming "Kingdom of God."

1st. The "Kingdom of God" has been forestalled and anticipated, in holding up that Kingdom to be exclusively a spiritual and only a spiritual Kingdom* already possessed.

* And has not the True Messiah been forestalled in making him only to be a spiritual deliverer? but all the Prophets make him an Outward and Spiritual Deliverer and Redeemer at one and the same time.

2d. The Kingdom of God is to be as visible and universal as the present fallen one is, "And the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven." See Daniel 7:27.

3d. Mount Zion and Jerusalem have been forestalled and anticipated by spiritualizing them away, and declaring that they have nothing to do with place, but "only mean the heart," or "our Church"--thus limiting and confining them to this present dispensation.

4th. So with the "Saints," or "People of the Most High God," it was expressly and plainly told the Prophet Daniel that they were to be "Thy People," (who were Jews.) See Dan. 7:27; 8:24; 9:16 and 24; 10:14; 12:1 and 7.

5th. The Hallel, or 118th Psalm, is and has been entirely forestalled and anticipated, and cannot be applied with any degree of consistency to the present state of things or to any that has ever yet taken place.

6th. Redemption also has been forestalled and anticipated, and is by most Christians confined to the soul; as if it was never to extend, and had nothing to do with the Body and outward and inferior creation; and even the Glorious Resurrection of the Bodies of the Saints is to this day, by the Hicksite Quakers and Shakers, and other spiritualizers, denied to extend its power to Flesh and Blood, or the outward Body; so that the Resurrection consists only, they say, in the Divine Life rising and possessing its influence over the soul, and "that there will never be any other Resurrection."

7th. And even the coming of the Messiah is declared to be nothing more than the coming or arising of the Divine Life in the soul; thus, like "Hymeneus and Philetus," not only saying "the Resurrection is past already," but the Messiah has come and the Redemption has finished its work--not in visible fact, but in mind and feeling. Thus we see how Ann Lee could with any degree of plausibility of consistency declare she was the "Word of God" which "was the only coming of the Messiah that ever took place at first, or that ever will take place at last;" thus all Personality, consequently Individuality, and therefore all Identity and Accountability, are forever lost, for what is a soul without a Body? a life without any medium to manifest itself by.

Abstract thought and feeling, however excellent they may be, are but a spiritual phantom, or fancied vision. The Truth is, all Souls have a Body, either fallen or unfallen, without which Body they could not have any susceptibility, neither perceptibility, upon which consciousness and self-existence are dependent. Bodies are given us for distinguishing one from the other, and for Identity.

8th. The "Glory of God" has been forestalled and anticipated, and misunderstood by confining it to the Praise and Honor attributed to God in adoration and worship; whereas the "Glory of God" is the Shechinah, or visible manifestation of God's Presence; is a "Pillar of Cloud by Day and a Pillar of Fire by Night," as was visibly seen over the Israelites.

9th. The Universality and Catholicity of the True Church has also been forestalled and anticipated both by the Romanists and Church of England, and all other claimants, under the present dispensation for Universality and Catholicity, and cannot take place until there is a Unity of Faith and Practice, and until the time the Prophet Daniel says it will take place, which was not until "the Thrones were cast down and the Ancient of Days did sit, and his Throne * was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire," and "a fiery stream issued and came from before him." Dan. 7:9 and 10.

* God's Throne.

Ask yourself this one question--was the "Gold, the Silver, the Brass, the Iron and the Clay" broken in pieces by the Stone 1800 years ago, so that "no place was found for them?"

Answer. No, for they all exist until this day, and place is found for them, therefore the Kingdom of Jesus was not the Kingdom of the Stone; and you have forestalled and overlaid the Kingdom of the "Living Child," and you do not belong to the True Mother; for although you may say the spiritual part, or half, of the Kingdom was set up 1800 years ago, yet in thus dividing the "Living Child" you prove yourself the false Mother, for she still exists, which is your whole profession of Christianity.

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