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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Appendix H.

On the Four National Ensigns, or Flags.

A Comparison Whereby We Can See Clearly Which Nation Has the Highest State Attainable Above All the Other Nations of the Earth.

"Open ye the Gates that the Righteous Nation,* which keeps the Truth, may enter in." Is. 24:2.

* Which keeps and has ever kept the Unity of God.

I left Jerusalem May 7th, 1848, being very anxious indeed (after an absence of nearly four years) of once more beholding the faces of those I loved most dearly above anything else on earth.

It is well known that only only every Consul, but also every nation and vessel are known by their Ensigns* or Flags. Now what would have been my Joy if I had found a vessel in Jaffa or Beyrout, (instead of coming all the way to Smyrna, as I knew I would have to do,) with an American Flag floating at the top of her mast, that would bear me directly and speedily to my beloved family and home, instead of my having to be delayed for about a month in the above places, as was the case. Just so, I am about leaving my present home (this world) and am very desirous of   beholding Jerusalem redeemed, and of ascertaining the right vessel and crew, or Church and People, that will convey me there without the possibility of any mistake. How am I to do this?

* It is against the Law of Nations, and a heavy fine is imposed for using a false flag.

Ans. By attending to my Map, or God's Most Holy Word, and to the Ensigns or Flags that are there declared to belong to each nation, viz., Israel, it is said, had a very striking standard, with the likeness of "Four Beasts" or "Living Creatures" printed upon it.

1st. The face of a Man.

2d. The face of a Lion.

3d. The face of an Ox.

4th. The face of an Eagle.

See Ezek. 1:5 and 10, and Rev. 4:7. Now there is no possibility whatever of mistaking to what nation their Standard or Color exclusively belongs, as it is peculiar to Israel and Israel alone, as the Word of God declares; and we know, as all ecclesiastical history informs us, that whenever the camp of Israel moved forward, immediately next to the Ark of the Covenant came Judah, with Ensign of the Lion on the east; next came Reuben, with the Ensign of a man on the south; next came Ephraim, with the Ensign of the Ox or calf on the west; and then came Dan on the north, with the standard of the Flying Eagle. Compare Num. 2:2 to 32, with Ezek. 1:5 and 10, with rev. 4:7. Here I descry the true Standard or Flag of the Nation, vessel, and crew, that is, the Nation, Church, and People, that will enter into the Port or Gate of the redeemed Jerusalem, when the Everlasting Gates will be opened, as Isaiah says, "Open ye the Gates,* that the Righteous Nation which keepeth the Truth may enter in."

* See Psalm 24:3, 7, 9 and 10.

And if there by any Truth in what John says in revelation 4:6 and 9th. v., he places and gives those "Four Beasts or Living Creatures" the superiority and dominion in the Restoration and Restitution over all redeemed creation, visible and invisible, thus, "And before the Throne there was a Sea of Glass like unto Crystal; and in the midst of the Throne and round about the Throne were Four Beasts, full of eyes before and behind; and the First Beast was like a Lion, and the second Beast like a Calf (or Ox), and the Third Beast had a face as a man, and the fourth Beast was like a Flying Eagle. And the Four Beasts had each of them six wings about him, and they were full of eyes within; and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. And when those Beasts give Glory and Honor and thanks to him that sat on the Throne, who liveth forever and ever, the four-and-twenty Elders fall down before him that sat on the Throne, and worship him that liveth forever and ever, and cast their crown before the Throne," &c.

Now who is there who has read the 1st chapter of Ezekiel and 6th of Isaiah, and cannot see that the 4th chapter of revelation is only a copy and recapitulation of the two former chapters of the redeemed Church of Israel before the "Throne of the Lord," (see Jer. 3:17,) that is Jerusalem redeemed, having the dominion and authority over all creation, heavenly as well as earthly, because redeemed men having been connected with fallen earth, which angels never were, the trial is greater, and, therefore, the conquest is greater, and consequently the victory. "Open ye the Gates that the Righteous Nation which keepeth the Truth (the Unity of God) may enter in."

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