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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Expenses of Time and Money in Going From Philadelphia to Jerusalem.

DAYS 1st. Class 2d. Class
From Philadelphia to London 11 by steamer $100 $60 Meals included.
From London to Marseilles 2 and 2 nights by rail & steamer $29 $24 Meals not incl'd.
From Marseilles to Malta 2¾  by steamer $30 $25 Meals included.
From Malta to Alexandria and Beyrout 3½  by steamer $29 $24 Meals included.
From Beyrout to Jaffa 1 and ½ a night by steamer $1.50 $1.50 Meals not incl'd.
From Jaffa to Jerusalem 1 by horse or mule $1.25 $1.00 Meals not incl'd.
TOTAL 21 ¼ days. $190.75 $135.50

A person wishing to go on without any delay, must take a Steamer here, so as to meet the French Government Steamers which leave Marseilles on the 10th and 25th of every month, and the price is one-third less than upon the English Steamers.

If you go direct from Marseilles to Alexandria and Beyrout, you can save nearly the 68 hours, or about 2¾ days passage, besides the expense.

You can go on from Malta to Smyrna in 3½ days for 135 francs, or $25.65; or from Smyrna to Beyrout in 3¾ days for 275 piastres, or for about $12.

The English Steamer Novelty leaves Beyrout on the last day of every month, stops at Jaffa, and then runs on to Alexandria.

You can go in one of our American sailing vessels from Boston to Smyrna for $50 and found, and $14 more will take you all the way to Jerusalem. Length of passage generally from 45 to 65 days, according to the season of the year.


[Note for modern times: US Airways operates a route from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv, approx. flight time 13 hours; approx. cost of coach ticket $1300, by car from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 40 minutes.]

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