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Poetry and Fiction by Rebekah Hyneman (1816-1875)

A brief biography of Rebekah Hyneman

Rebekah's Last Letter to Elias
Tribute to Elias Hyneman, by Alice Hyneman Rhine
Rebekah Hyneman's conversion to Judaism


    The Dance of Death
  An Address to the Soul

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

  Lines on “Lamartine‛s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land”
  Hebrew Melodies
  Hebrew Melodies, The Israelite
  The Hour of Death
  Humility, or the Star and the Flower
  Like Some Lone Bird
  Lines on the Restoration of Israel

שבועות The Pentecost

  I Dreamed of Thee
  Prayer of Solomon at the Consecration of the Temple
  Song of Judas Maccabeus
  Tribute to the Memory of Grace Aguilar
  Woman's Rights
  The Unforgotten
  The Valley of Jehoshaphat
  Women of the Bible - Series I
  Women of the Bible - Series II
  Zara, the Martyr


  The Fatal Cosmetic (mystery novella)
  The Doctor (romance, 1860)