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Report of the Hebrew Ladies’ Sewing Society.


While sunshine and summer reign on earth when nature with lavish hand dispenses her favours and blessings, and all equally share her bounties, then indeed does all creation rejoice in their existence. But as the more sombre autumnal days approach, and the yet darker and less joyous wintry dawnings gradually follow, then truly seems a reversion of nature’s decree, and she who “opened her hand and filled all things with plenteousness,” yields but a sad proportion to those by whose bounty they had been solely upheld. But, in withdrawing her own hand, she but leaves a field for those whose providence has secured for them an abundance for the dark or evil days that may approach, in which they may exert the benevolent influences of their natures, and in reaping the harvest, gather to the garner of the Giver. Ample have been the opportunities within the last year to prove and bring into active exercise the noble, laborious, and unshrinking efforts of an active and diffusive benevolence. Within the year 706 garments have been distributed by the Sewing Society. The number would appear to have increased very disproportionately, when compared with the amounts of previous reports; but it will be remembered that among the unfortunates who suffered by the disastrous fire in the eastern section of our city, in July last, were many of our own people, left homeless, hopeless, with <<571>>neither food nor raiment, but completely dependent upon the charities of those whom sympathy or duty might relieve from their destitution. With much satisfaction we state that prompt and liberal were the responses to the call. Very nearly 300 garments were received ready for distribution, and, we are happy to add that, owing to the vigilance and discernment of the managers, no case has come to our knowledge where their distributions have proved to have been injudicious, or their benevolence misapplied.

Trusting that our friends have not wearied in well-doing, we confidently hope that our social circle may long be enabled, by their happily united efforts, and redoubled diligence, to relieve the wants and contribute to the happiness of their unfortunate fellow-creatures. In so doing, they have the blessed assurance that “God, even our own God, shall bless us.”


At the annual meeting, held October 1st, 1850, were elected, Miss Bluma Hart, First Directress; Miss Sarah Abrahams, Second Directress; Miss Annie Lyons, Treasurer; Miss Evelyn Bomeisler, Secretary; Miss Rachel Pesoa, Miss Hetty Stork, Miss Rebecca Ezekiel, Miss Rebecca Hackenburg, Miss Miriam Arnold, Managers.

Treasurer’s Report

Anna Lyons, Treasurer, in account with the Ladies’ Hebrew Sewing



Oct. 18. To Cash received from late Treasurer, $107.51
Feb. 1. To Cash received from Ball Committee 88.96
July 8.       "         "         "    donation 8.00
Sept. 4.       "         "         "    a friend 30.00
Sept. 4.       "         "         "    New York, per A.J. Jones 4.00
Oct. 27. Sundry subscriptions and donations received during the year 107.25
Oct. 27 Interest on $400 24.00
    $369 72


Oct. 31. By Cash paid A. Hart, to deposit, $50.00
Oct. 27. By Cash paid to the Committees, as per President's
orders, No. 40 @65,
Oct. 27. Balance in hands, 44.72
    $369 72
  October 27th, 1850. To Balance in hands, 44.72
  E. E.
Philadelphia, October 27th, 1850.


  3 shares Life Annuity Company stock, at par, $300.00
  On Interest, 100.00
    $400 00