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News Items.


Baltimore. We learn that the Rev. Julius Spiro has been elected to the vacant office of Minister in Baltimore. He delivered his introductory sermon on Sabbath Shofetim last. We shall probably notice this production more at large hereafter.

Charleston. The new congregation, Shearith Israel, have held their first annual election, after their temporary organization last spring. Mr. Samuel Hart, Senior, has been chosen President, Mr. M. Loovis, Vice-President, Mr. S. Valentine, Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Isaiah Moses also was appointed Hatan Torah, and Mr. E. Sommers, Hatan Bereshit.—The members of the Board are not stated by our correspondent.

Cincinnati. At the regular annual meeting of the Kahal Kadosh Beni Israel, held in Cincinnati, September 7th, 1846, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year: Joseph Jonas, Parnass; Solomon Moses, Gabah Tzedokah; Hyman Moses, Gabah Beth Chayim; Joseph Alexander, Treasurer; Mosely Ezekiel, Secretary.

The first semi-annual examination of the Cincinnati Hebrew Institute took place at their school-room, on Sunday, 30th August. This school has been in existence but for a short time, and as expressed by Rev. Mr. Gutheim, in a brief address, the examination was not to display abilities or proficiency in the pupils, but merely to show the advancement of the scholars, and the mode of tuition. The exercises of the day consisted of Hebrew reading, grammar, and translation, and all the branches of an English education. The trustees and visitors all expressed themselves highly pleased with the manner in which the scholars acquitted themselves; the details of the proceedings, although exceedingly interesting, are too lengthy for insertion in the Occident.

At the conclusion of the examination, prizes were distributed, consisting of appropriate books, neatly bound, (among which were the several works of the Hebrew Publication Society of Philadelphia,) to Master M. Barbé, first Hebrew prize, Master Nathan Minken, second Hebrew prize, Master Jacob Kramer, third Hebrew prize, Master Simon Oppenheimer, fourth Hebrew prize; Master Abraham Myers, first English prize, Master Leopold Fechheimer, second English prize, Master Judah Hart, third English prize, Miss Henrietta Stern, fourth English prize.

Cleveland. We are requested by Mr. Englehart, the President, to return the thanks of the Israelites of that place, to the brethren in Charleston, who assisted them in the erection of their new Synagogue, but especially to Mr. A. Hart and the members of our own congregation, for the timely aid afforded.

Philadelphia. At the annual election of the congregation Mikve Israel, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the year: A. Hart, Parnass; J. A. Phillips, J. L. Moss, Mayer Arnold, and Abraham S. Wolf, Adjuntas; H. Gratz, Gabay; and E. P. Levy, Secretary. It affords us much pleasure the same time to announce, that the sum of $200 was placed at the disposal of the Board, for the purpose of engaging a Hebrew teacher; the action of the congrega­tion was speedily seconded by that of the Board, who promptly elect­ed, on the Eve of Rosh Hashana, Mr. Abr. I. H. Bernal, late of Montego Bay, Jamaica, as the above officer, and assigned him the just stated salary, on the part of the congregation. This is, unless we err, the first time that the congregation, as such, have taken any active steps in the good cause of education, and we hope that the happy commencement may lead to many beneficial results. We trust also, that the worthy incumbent will be properly seconded, on the part of the parents of children, so that his stay among us may be both agreeable to him and useful to them.

Kingston, Jamaica. The young men of this place have united themselves into an association, under the name of “The Kingston Jewish Benevolent Society;” its object is to provide a weekly allow­ance to poor families. The subscription is 3d. (6 cents) per week. We have been promised some statement of the laws of the society, but as yet they have not come to hand. The president is Mr. Isaac Lawton. Any donations for this infant institution, raised solely for the amelioration of the suffering poor, will be thankfully received by us, and forwarded to its destination.

Kingston Bazaar. For some months past the hum of busy prepa­ration was heard in many a domicile, both in Jamaica and elsewhere, (even as far north as Baltimore and Philadelphia, perhaps New York, we are almost sure of the latter,) to provide suitable articles wherewithal to tempt the eye at a public exhibition and sale, in aid of religious education, in the good city of Kingston. The latest advices received thence, bring the pleasing accounts that the result has been all that could be expected. A letter before us says: “The all-absorbing Jewish excitement has been our grand bazaar, truly deserving of the name, which has realized the most sanguine expectations of its most sanguine friends; and the zeal and general interest shown and taken for its success by the crowded visitants of the elite of this city, has given us the most lively satisfaction; but it is true, that in its getting up and display, it has exceeded any thing of its character here before. You must not think this picture overdrawn, because I have been one of the most foremost men in the rank. The nett proceeds will answer any doubt, and whilst I give it you, you must take, as a drawback, the frightful and paralized state of trade here. Well, we have been enabled, after discharging heavy expenses, to invest, for the benefit of the schools, $3,000, besides having sufficient residue to clothe for the coming holidays, the sixty needy children. It is a pleasing contemplation for the president and founder, the late Miss Lazarus, now Mrs. De Pass.”

Rev. Abr. P. Mendes, who for the last two years has been pursuing his clerical studies in England, has, upon his return to his native island, been elected Assistant Hazan to the Portuguese congregation at Kingston. He proposes conducting a school in connexion with his public duties.

Barbados. E. A. Moses, Esq., has been elected Parnass for the current year, and Messrs. Mozley Elkin and Daniel Lobo have ten­dered their services for Hatanim, which have been cheerfully accepted.

St. Thomas. At last accounts it was expected that the committee charged with making new laws for the congregation, would soon complete their labours. We shall, as usual, report whatever of interest may occur.

The Late Assembly Of Rabbins. The Frankfort Journal pub­lishes an interesting circular, signed by a portion of the reform party in that town, disclaiming every connexion with, and disapproving the tendency of, the Assembly of Rabbins at Breslau. The Rabbins are reproached with aspiring to hierarchial authority, and censured for occupying their time with disputes on trivial ceremonies; but particularly for their refusal to defer the Sabbath to the Sunday.

Note By The Editor.—Not being able this month, to discuss properly the subjects embraced in the deliberations of an assembly, now universally acknowledged to be subversive of Judaism, even by the liberal party among us, always excepting the schismatics of Frankfort, who can no longer be considered as Jews, we defer all remarks and full account to a later period.

Relief For Palestine. Sampson Simpson Esq., of Yonkers, N. Y., has placed one hundred dollars in the hands of the Rev. Mr. Isaacs, to be applied towards the relief of the distressed Israelites in the Holy Land.

* * Notices of works sent to us are necessarily omitted for the present. Persons who have sent us their books, may rest assured that as soon as our health is sufficiently restored, which we trust will not be a long time off, we will do them ample justice. In the mean time they will please excuse our seeming neglect, which is much more painful to us than it can possibly be to them.