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Hebrew School Fund Ball, At Richmond, Va.

Mr. Editor,

It may probably prove interesting to many of your readers,  to learn that the Israelites of Richmond have been aroused from their slumber, and are now awakened to the glorious cause of education. In order to raise a fund for that object, it was suggested that a ball might be gotten up, which, if properly managed, would meet with great success. As the idea was rather a novel one here, it was countenanced by some and discouraged by others; when at length, to obtain an expression of the popular will, it was deemed expedient to hold a meeting of the gentlemen of our congregation. (You may readily imagine that all the ladies were in favour of the project.) The gentlemen met at the time appointed, and it was decided that we should have the ball, and commenced to “set it a rolling.” At a subsequent meeting a board of managers was formed, committees appointed, &c. &c. The number of tickets was limited to one hundred, at five dollars each. But a few days had elapsed ere a sufficient number of subscribers was obtained to guarantee the undertaking. Finding that many of our Gentile friends had cheerfully subscribed, and were willing to render us any assistance that might be needed, and, in fact, likely to out number those of our own persuasion, as an act of courtesy, as well as extending the hand of fellowship towards them, it was determined to solicit their aid in the management. The names of several very influential gentlemen were added, and they cheerfully acquiesced. The Israelites of Richmond are under many obligations to them, for the zeal manifested in endeavouring to carry out our designs. We are further indebted to our Gentile neighbours for several donations received in aid of the fund.

The 10th of February was the time set apart, and the City Hotel (recently erected by Mr. Benjamin Davis) was the place selected for this prime movement in the cause of Education. The rumour soon spread abroad that a grand Jewish Ball was to take place, and it being something new in this section of the country, all expected something “rich and extra.” It was therefore necessary, in the first place, to use every precaution to render the whole affair as select as practicable. Consequently the managers did not give the matter any more publicity than selecting the subscribers from among their own sphere of acquaintances, and by issuing a large  number of complimentary invitations to the most respectable ladies of this city that came under our notice, without regard to sect or creed.

The managers deeming it a duty incumbent on them to express their sentiments in regard to the superintendent of the Sunday School, to whom we are deeply indebted for her zealous and untiring efforts in rearing to perfection that valuable branch of education, they unanimously passed the following resolution:

Resolved, That this Board, for themselves and the Congregation Beth Shalome, of this City, tender their consideration and thanks to Miss Emma Mordecai, the Superintendent of the Hebrew Sunday School, for the disinterested and untiring perseverance evinced by her in sustaining the school and the cause of religious education, with an earnest solicitation to honour with her presence, the “Hebrew School Fund Ball,” which will take place on Wednesday, the 10th of February, 1847, at the City Hotel; and that a copy of said resolution, with a private invitation, be forwarded to her.

Every preparation was made on the part of the management to render the entertainment one of the most agreeable, and it is with pleasure to announce that the result was beyond all expectations; not the least trivial incident occurred to mar the enjoyment of the evening. The sociability that existed on the occasion was highly creditable to all who participated. There was no distinction observed, as is often the case in large assemblages or this kind. Great credit is therefore due to the managers, for using such very necessary precaution in the issue of their tickets.

An invitation was extended to the Mayor and the Press of the City, and several persons at a distance, and it gives me pleasure to, state that the opinion of the press has been exceedingly kind and favourable. From this enterprise, a fund of upwards of two hundred dollars was realized. It is anticipated that the next annual ball will meet with at least the same encouragement.


* This article came too late for our last number; we insert it, therefore, in this.