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I love to sit, at twilight ev’n,
   And watch the glittering stars of night,
Those emblems pure, of nature’s Heav’n,
   And praise the God who gave them light.

I love to rise, at break of morn,
   To wander o’er the fertile plain,
Where warblers sweet proclaim the dawn,
   And fill the air with joyful strain.

I love to view the limpid stream,
   As it meanders gently by,
When sunset, with its ling’ring beam
   And golden tinge, illumes the sky.

I love the balmy air of eve,
   With dewy tears and zephyr sighs;
The ruffled mind it doth relieve,
   And soothes the spirit ere it flies.

I love the glorious orb of day,
   That lends a sunshine to the heart,
With radiance gilds life’s dreary way,
   And sheds on all an equal part.

I love to see a noble bark,
   Gallantly ploughing the heaving sea,
When lightning’s flash and thunders dark,
   Remind us of Eternity.

I love a fair and winning face,
   And noble soul, with worth of mind,
A gentle and bewitching grace,
   With truth and innocence combin’d.

I love the bud and blooming rose,
   Whose grace and perfume give delight;
The violet that humbly grows,
   And wins the sense and charms the sight.

I love, ‘bove all, fair nature’s Lord,
   Who made the earth, the sea, the sky;
The Architect, by all adored,
   The God supreme, who dwells on high.

C. A. Carvalho.