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Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association of New York.


We present, at the request of the Managers, the following official proceedings, from which we learn the gratifying fact that they have realized a handsome sum for the furtherance of their excellent charity.

New York, Feb. 10th, 1849.

Reverend I. Leeser,—

Dear sir—At a meeting of the Board of Managers of the Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, held at their rooms at the Howard House, it was unanimously

Resolved, That a statement be forwarded by the honorary secretary of this Association of the proceeds of the annual ball given by us (on <<618>>the 9th of January, at the Chinese Rooms, in this city), together with the letter received, signed E. B. Fellows, Chairman, to the Reverend I. Leeser, proprietor and publisher of the Occident, at Philadelphia.

In accordance with the above resolution, I have the pleasure to inform you that the net profits realized by the Association, at the above ball, was one thousand and twenty-three dollars, and eighteen cents ($1023.18).

For which handsome sum we return our sincere thanks to our numerous friends and patrons, both of the Christian and Jewish persuasions, and can but say that it will be, on all future celebrations we may have the honour of giving, our study to merit a continuation of their generous support in the noble cause of charity.

I remain, dear sir, your humble servant, wishing you health and prosperity in your various undertakings through life,

Lewis S. Barnett,
Hon. See. of the Bachelors’ Heb. Ben. Loan Assoc.

Ball Committee:—L. M. Morrison, S. Wolf, H. Josephi, B. Benrimo, S. Meier, H. Marks, L. Aurich, M. Seligman, L. S. Barnett, A. S. Solomons, A. M. Davis, N. Content, and E. Morrison.

P. S. Enclosed I send you the letter received.

Copy of letter received by the Ball Committee of the Bachelors’ Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association.

New York, January 15th, 1849.

At a meeting, held this evening, of the “Christians” who attended the ball given by the Hebrew Bachelors’ Benevolent Association, at the Chinese Rooms on the 9th inst., on motion of J. L. H. Ward, E. B. Fellows, Esq. was called to the chair, and on motion of D. H. M’Alpin, W. H. H. Prall and George Pickham were appointed secretaries.

The chairman then stated the objects of the meeting to be for the purpose of expressing the feelings and views of those of the “Christian community” who had the pleasure of attending the ball on the 9th inst., given by the Hebrew Bachelors’ Benevolent Loan Association. Whereupon, on motion, J. K. Rose, J. S. Redfield, and J. M’Neal, were appointed a committee to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, in reference to the matter alluded to by the chairman.

The committee reported the following, which was unanimously adopted.

Whereas, the persons comprising this meeting attended, with their <<619>>families and friends the ball given on the 9th inst., by the Hebrew Bachelors’ Benevolent Association, and feeling themselves much pleased with the manner in which the same was conducted, and the laudable endeavours of the officers and managers of the same in their exertions to contribute to the reasonable wishes and enjoyments of the company that attended said ball, therefore

Resolved, That our thanks are due, and they are hereby tendered to the President and Managers of the Hebrew Bachelors’ Benevolent Association, for the very excellent manner in which they got up, arranged, and conducted their late ball, and they are deserving all praise for their exertions to please, interest, and entertain in a sumptuous and agreeable style the company that attended the fête on that evening.

Resolved, That we shall hereafter view it not only a pleasure, but a privilege to attend the future balls of this Association.

Resolved, That (if it should not appear as an unnecessary interference on our part) we do heartily recommend that the Association repeat their ball this season, should they deem it expedient to do so.

Resolved, That should the Association repeat their ball this winter, we shall not only gladly avail ourselves of the privilege of attending, but feel it a duty to urge our friends and acquaintances to do so, and do all we can  to render the ball pleasant and profitable to the Association.

Resolved, That a copy of the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the officers, and presented to Lewis M. Morrison, Esq., President of the above Association.

E. B. Fellows,

W. H. H. Prall,
Geo. Peckham