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News Items.


New York.—We are pleased to announce that a portion of the young Israelites of New York lately organized a society, under the name of “Young Men’s Hebrew Benevolent Association,” for the purpose of aiding the indigent Israelites of the city with fuel and stoves during the winter season. When our correspondent wrote, there were already one hundred and eight members enrolled, at two dollars per annum, though it had been but a few days since the institution of the society was agreed upon. The following persons have been elected <<620>>the officers for the first year: Henry Herts, President, M. L. Felleman, Vice-President, Lyon Berhard, Treasurer, Emanuel De Young, Hon. Secretary, and Philip Levy, Charles Davies, Lewis Solomon, and Leon Goldsmith, Managers. To judge from the results attending the Fuel Society in our own city, we should think that no charity more deserving of public patronage could be established in the large towns, where employment often fails the poor in winter, at the very season when fuel is so indispensable, and often enhanced in value. We therefore wish the new society heartily ample success.

St. Louis.—The congregation  at St. Louis desire to engage a suitable person to act as חזן and שוחט. For particulars we refer to the advertiser.

Buffalo, N Y.—The Israelites residing at the chief town of western New York, we are truly gratified to learn, now number thirty families. They organized themselves into a congregation, under the name of Beth El, on the 13th of June last. The officers for the current year are: Abraham Jacobs, President, E. I. Bernheimer, Treasurer, M. Friedenberg, I. M. Getski, and Samuel Phillipi, Trustees, and Rev. A. Ansell, Reader and Secretary. We obtained the official account of the organization of this new Jewish community only within a few days past, or else we should have laid it earlier before our readers, who will perceive that the formation of new associations for worship and charity is almost a monthly phenomenon at present in America, and we hope that we may have the pleasing task of chronicling such matters frequently, to serve as a basis for a future history of American Jews.

Montreal.—The Israelites of Montreal lately organized a Sunday School, under the superintendence of Rev. A. De Sola.  The school already comprises twenty-one children, (our readers are perhaps aware that our number is very limited in the capital of British America,) who will thus receive weekly at least instruction in the principles of their faith. The female teachers for the present are Miss Rebecca Joseph, Miss Phoebe David, and Miss Sarah Solomons; but the other young ladies are ready to give their services as soon as they are needed.

Albany, N. Y.—The Congregation Beth-El, of Albany, held a meeting a few days ago, at which they passed resolutions heartily approving of the proposed assembly. Our space this month absolutely precludes us from doing more than merely announcing the fact. All we ask of other congregations is to do so likewise, and to act speedily.