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Barbadoes Khal Kadosh Nidhe Israel.

5 Elul, 5608, or 3d Sept., 1848.

Pursuant to the by-law No. 1, of this congregation, a meeting was held at the vestry room at 12 o’clock this day for the election of a Parnas President for the ensuing year.

<<415>>Mr. Isaac Valverde claimed exemption in consequence of his age.

Mr. Mozley Elkin proposed the re-election of Mr. E. A. Moses, fully describing the manifold benefits and advantages the gentleman has from time to time rendered to this congregation, entitling him to their highest praise and estimation, and promised to render all the support in his power.

Mr. Michael Isaacs addressed the Board expressive of his cordial concurrence in the proposal and sentiments of Mr. M. Elkin, from a firm assurance that they were the unanimous feelings of the community.

Mr. Isaac Valverde impressively remarked that his sentiments twelve months past expressed at the Board, might be repeated, since they were now the same. He felt quite assured that the services of the Warden would be hereafter rewarded in a higher tribunal.

The Warden, (Mr. E. A. Moses,) responded, assuring the members present of his inability to express his feelings, and of his maintaining unaltered the same sentiments to further our sacred institution. Through God’s blessing and their support, he had so far succeeded; and shattered as they at present were, they had necessarily to redouble their energies to maintain the holy cause. That by perseverance we were setting a proper example to the juvenile members; that the time would come when we should again be a flourishing community; then we should look back with delight to past exertions; and that he was equally ready and willing to devote himself as he had hitherto done in the sacred cause, confident of the support of those around him.

The poll list was closed, E. A. Moses, Esq., being duly elected to the presidential chair for the ensuing year.

The following gentlemen were nominated colleagues, as Bridegrooms of the Law.

Michael Isaacs, Esq., as Hatan Torah.

Joseph A. Brandon, Esq., as Hatan Bereshith.