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Kaal Kadesh Nidhe Israel.

Barbadoes, 12th Sivan, 5608,—12th June, 1848.

Dear Sir,

While on the eve of your departure for the United States, I beg leave on behalf of the congregation over which I preside, to offer their fervent and heartfelt acknowledgments of your deeply-valued and ever memorable services as officiating reader to our sacred Synagogue, for a series of years. In your withdrawal, we lose a valued limb of our holy, our tottering edifice! and I with deep and poignant regret feel that a worthy colleague in the sublime cause is torn from me, leaving me desolate indeed! God’s holy will be done!

<<303>>You, my dear friend, too well know the sad, the almost destitute position of our scattered funds—otherwise would this have been accompanied with a thousand dollars for the purchase of a testimonial of gratitude and esteem—unfortunately we have not twenty-five dollars at command, which, with the prospect of our heavy expenses and diminished support is awful to contemplate. On this painful subject we must bow resignedly! I know your pious and solicitous feelings, and your desire to decline accepting aught but this valedictory address.

Your exertions, example, and sacrifices to uphold and support our blessed Snoga, your ever prompt cheerfulness to officiate in the divine cause, are recorded in Heaven, where they will be acknowledged and rewarded a million-fold on your cherished offspring.

I cannot venture to express my personal feelings on taking my farewell.

You will never be forgotten by our sacred Snoga. May the Omniscient graciously  bless you. May yourself, amiable partner, and family, enjoy felicity here, and eternal bliss hereafter. O may I further invoke that you attain the joyful consummation of your every wish. Amen. God be with you !

Believe me your faithful friend,

E. S. Moses
Par. Pr. K. K. N. I.

To S. E. Daniels, Esq.

Barbadoes, 13th Sivan, 5608, 13th June, 1848.

Dear Sir,

I have received your address on the part of the congregation, in acknowledgment of my services as officiating reader, to our sacred Synagogue for a series of fourteen years. At a moment, as it were, of my embarkation, I am unable to do more than to request you to receive for yourself, and to tender to the congregation, my grateful thanks for the high estimate they have been pleased to make of my services.

I never gave my humble aid to the congregation in the expectation that it would receive remuneration. A higher, a better, and a holier feeling influenced me. I was glad to be the instrument of performing any service for our beloved friends, and of aiding in  any way, the sacred Synagogue. That those services are appreciated is sufficient to recompense me for all my efforts; I am more than recompensed.

Receive, clear friend, my best thanks for your personal aspirations on behalf of Mrs. Daniels and my beloved children. And now one word. The last and saddest—farewell! I leave Barbadoes with mingled feelings. Whether we are destined to meet again in time, is known only to the holy One of Israel. I shall, with my dear wife and little <<304>>ones, cast many a thought on those esteemed friends we are leaving, and memory will summon back many a happy hour passed in our blessed Synagogue. That we may all increase in knowledge, virtue, and holiness, shall ever be the fervent prayer of

Your faithful friend,

S. E. Daniels.