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Montreal Hebrew Philanthropic Society.


The annual meeting of the Society took place on Sunday, 24th of June, when the second annual report and balance sheet were submitted to the members. Simon Hart, Esq. occupied the chair. The report commences with the committee’s expression of “thankfulness to Almighty God, that they have been spared, during the past year, the numerous cases of poverty and sickness recorded in their former report the number of applications from strangers, not amounting to one-fourth that of the preceding year.” After entering into details as to the cases relieved, number of subscribers, funds, &c., the report remarks, that although the committee cannot boast of an accession of members, still they hope, by a personal canvass which they will themselves institute, to materially augment the number of the Society’s supporters for the ensuing year. The committee express their regret at the resignation of Mr. Joseph Lyons, who bad left the city for the United States, observing that “the discriminating judgment, and charitable disposition of that gentleman, rendered him a very valuable colleague; more especially in the inquiries made as to those cases relieved during the first year of the Society’s existence.” They then “feel much pleasure in acquainting the subscribers that the zeal and good wishes of the Honorary Secretary, the Rev. Abraham de Sola, for the welfare of the Society has been undiminished, and that his continued efforts have been directed to its benefit.” The report concludes by praying that “the Guardian of Israel will shed his countenance and blessing on the M. H. P. S., and that although it be now limited in its operations, it may yet be privileged to do great things for the good of Israel.”

On proposition of Alex. Levy, Esq., seconded by H. Solomon, Esq., that the report just read be received, it was put from the chair, and carded nem. con.

The meeting then proceeded to elect officers for the ensuing year, when the following gentlemen were nominated: M. J. Hayes, Esq., President; Messrs. H. Solomon, D. Moss, A. Hart, and Rev. Abm. de Sola, (Secretary and Treasurer,) Committee.

A vote of thanks proposed by Dr. A. H. David, seconded by J. G. Ascher, Esq., to the Rev. Abm. de Sola, for his services, was then passed unanimously, as also one to the chairman, and the meeting separated.