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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

The Key of David

"So He shall open and none shall shut. And He shall shut and none shall open," Isaiah 22:22.

I have understood that Wm. Penn, who came over to this country (America) in company with a friend by the name of Key, said, "that by the use of the Key and Pen, the Everlasting Kingdom of God would be set up and triumph over all opposition."

"Horror hath taken hold upon me, because of the wicked that forsake thy Law," Psa. 119:53.

"It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy Law," Psa. 119:126.

"There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun,*
Who rideth upon the heaven in thy help,
And his excellence on the sky.
The Eternal God is thy refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms:
And he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee,
And shall say, Destroy them.
Israel shall then dwell in safety alone;
The fountain of Corn and Wine,
Also his heavens shall drop down dew.
Happy art thou, O Israel,
Who is like unto thee,
O People saved by the Lord,
The shield of thy help,
And who is the Sword of thy Excellency!
And thy enemies shall be found liars unto thee,
And thou shalt tread upon their high places."

Deut 33:26-29.

*Jeshurun is synonymous with Israel, see Isai. xliv. 2.

Qualifications indispensably necessary for any Gentile Christian to possess in going to Jerusalem, before ever he can arrive at the one unchangeable and all saving Truth.

1. He must not be compromised to any of the many hundreds of the Christian sects, either by pre-possession or Prejudice. He must be a God fearing and truly honest man. The following must be his motto:

God in thy eye,
Truth in thy Heart,
Light in thy Soul,
From these never part.

But if he be a High Churchman, or a Puseyite, he will, if he get amongst the Convents there, in all probability, go over to the Catholics or Church of Rome. If he be an Orthodox Quaker, he will, in all probability, go over to the Church of England; but if he be an Hicksite Quaker, a Universalist, or Spiritual Knocker, he will, in all probability, go to Infidelity.

But if he be a truly Wise and Understanding man, he will go and "dwell under the shadow of Israel and return; he will then revive as the Corn, and grow as the Vine: the scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon. Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? Prudent, and he shall know them?" (Bishop Horsley says, "these last words of the Prophet Hosea imply very great Wisdom* indeed,") "for the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall live in them; but the transgressors shall fall therein." Hosea 14 7 and 9.

*Yet the Bishop had not Wisdom and Strength enough to practice them himself, or BECOME A JEW, and "dwell under the shadow of Israel and shall return."


"Our Father, raise Jerusalem,
For when the Daylight breaks
In yonder East, the clouds disperse,
The sleeping world awakes."

The Key is an emblem of the authority of Government, and in the East to this day, in transferring the Authority and Government of a City, a large Key is laid upon a person, and hangs down in front, as a mark of his Authority. The Key of David is the authority and Government, which God has given David over his Everlasting Kingdom and City of Jerusalem, which Jeremiah, 3:17, tells us, "Shall be the Throne of the Lord."

And all the strength of this Authority and Government of the "Key of David," depends upon one great and grand principle, viz.: The Divine Unity. Indeed, to take away or destroy the Divine Unity of God, by attempting to divide it, would be certain death, so far as it concerns ourselves--for division is Death, from the highest created Being down to the lowest Human Existence. Therefore the true mother, when the wise King Solomon merely pretended to divide the "Living Child," said, "O, my Lord, give her the Living Child, and in no wise slay it" (by dividing it,) "for her bowels yearned upon her son." 1 Kings iii. 26.

In truth, the very first gasp or breath of the soul in Immortality and Eternal Life, is a belief in the Unity of God, therefore God's very first law to Israel was, "Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One Lord," Deut. vi. 3, 5, and the very first step of the soul in darkness, and Eternal Death, is attempting to divide the Unity of God into a Trinity, or Plurality, whether it be in number, name, or division of parts; and for this great reason, because the "true Thesis of God is without Body, Parts, or Passions." that is, God is not a Corporeal or Physical Being, but a Moral or Spiritual, and therefore his character, or Being, must be composed of certain powers or virtues, that we properly call attributes, because we attribute them to him, viz.: Power, Wisdom, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Goodness, and Truth, and these Seven Principles or Powers, or Attributes, we see clearly manifest in the whole visible Creation of God, and therefore they cannot be denied, neither can they be divided, nor treated of separately from the great Principle of Unity, because if they are attributes, and Eternal in their nature, we cannot divide them unless we are also guilty of Idolatry. This the great Maimonides saw, although almost all Christian writers have spoken of them and treated of them separately, and very improperly; for who cannot at once see, that it is impossible for Power to exist without Wisdom to apply and appropriate it; and that Righteousness cannot be maintained without Justice to protect it--neither can Mercy exist without she has Goodness for her bowels; and they must all exist in Truth, or else all would be, and is, fiction and falsehood.

There Eternal Attributes are existent everywhere; but how could the attributes constitute God's existence, and be Omnipresent, if composed of corporeal or visible parts?

But the most perfect and complete representation of an Invisible Being, whom we call God, is his Most Holy Divine Law, and this is the only revelation or exhibition that first led the mind of man (Moses) to see him or his Similitude, which similitude is his Divine Attributes, as we can plainly see in all his visible creation, as a God of Power, Wisdom, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Goodness, and Truth; and these are Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy work.

"Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.

"There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

"Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,

"Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race." Psa. 19.

The wise King of Israel (Solomon) clearly foresaw the True Church and Kingdom of God set up and established in these Seven Attributes, in these last days, before a wondering world, and therefore he gives us the following beautiful description of it in his Chapter ix. 1st, 2nd and 3rd verses of Proverbs, "Wisdom has built her house, she has hewn out her Seven Pillars: She has killed her beasts; she has mingled her wine; she has furnished her table: She has sent forth her maidens; she cries upon the highest places of the city;" now this is the Interpretation as follows:--

"Wisdom has built her house" -- (The Everlasting Kingdom.)

"She has hewn out her Seven Pillars" -- (The 7 Attributes or Pillars that support it.)

"She has killed (margin says killing) her Beasts" -- (The 4 Gentile Monarchies or Beasts.)

"She has mingled her wine" -- (The new Wine of God's Kingdom.)

"She has sent forth her Maidens" -- (her Virgin Souls.)

"She cried upon the highest places of the city," in all God's visible creation, and says to the "simple and to all that want understanding," that the Divine Unity is the first great Principle and grand Centre of God's Everlasting Kingdom. Attempt to take away this one all-important Centre, and endeavor to preserve the 7 Attributes, or the Being, of the only One Eternal Invisible God, by setting up a Trinity, and so long as you attempt to do this, all will be confusion; and you can never set up the Everlasting Kingdom of God upon this earth, but all your labors and superstructures will crumble to the dust, for this plain, self-evident reason, that it is utterly impossible for any one of the Seven Pillars, or Divine Attributes, to stand or exist separate or independent of each other, as I have shown and will show, without the Divine Unity.

It was the Divine Unity that created this world, the Achad, or the oneness, of the Shemang Israel. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God! the Lord is One," because in Unity or Union is Strength.

It was the departure from this Divine Unity that caused the Fall of man, because a departure from God's command or word is disunion, or division, from herself, and therefore weakness.

It will be the Divine Unity that will restore Man to Paradise, because in Union there is Life and Strength.

It was a departure from the Divine Unity that caused the death of Abel, because Cain departed from the Attribute of Goodness.

It is the Divine Unity of God's Seven Attributes, or Pillars, that will bring and restore the Messiah* of God, because in Union there is Life, Justice, and Truth.†

* See 2 Sam. 23. 1 and 5
† But there can be no Truth in God being One and yet Three.

It was a departure from the Divine Unity that caused the Building of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues of men, and their subsequent separation; because in Division, i.e. Trinity, there is Confusion; and these "Seven Lamps," or Seven Eyes*, in the "hands of Zerubbabel,"§ (which means "he that destroys Babylon,") as the Divine Unity and Seven Attributes, will most effectually do as soon as they are adopted and practised.

*They are called Seven Eyes because by the Seven Attributes we perceive and see at once.
§ See Zech. iv. 7,10.

It is the Divine Unity that will cause the building of Zion and Jerusalem, the restoration of the One Pure Language, (Zeph. iii. 9,) and the Union of all who Fear God in "One Lord, Faith and Doctrine, when the 'Lord shall be One and his name One,' because Unity is Oneness."

It was a departure from the Divine Unity that caused one of the greatest and wisest of Kings (Solomon) to lose his heart and become an Idolater; because he formed an alliance with the daughters of the land, contrary to God's express command. See 1 Kings 11. 1 to 10, and Exod. 34. 12, 15, and 16. Idolatry is the worship of more Gods than One, and therefore of a False God. Therefore we see, a departure from the Unity proved the loss of Solomon's heart, or life. See 1 Kings 11:4.

And it was an adherence to the Divine Unity in the only Anointed, i.e. "Messiah, King, Priest and Prophet" of God, King David, that caused his heart to be "Perfect" with God, (see 1 Kings 11. 4 and 6,) with only one exception, (see Psa. li. 4,) and a "man after God's own heart," (1 Sam. xiii. 14;) because he denied himself any connection with any of the strange daughters of the land, (Bathsheba was a Jewess ,) and therefore they could not lead him to go a "Whoring after their Gods," (see Exod. 34:16,) and Break the Unity of God. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is One."

It was the Divine Messenger of God's Eternal Unity that bespoke and breathed in Manoach's* Wife the Mighty and Strong man Samson, and it was a Union with one of the daughters of the U n c i r c u m c i s e d Philistines that caused his hair, i.e. "Strength, to be cut off his head, and put out his eyes," Judges xvi. 17, 19 and 21.

* Manoach means Rest.

It was the Messenger of God's Everlasting Unity that came and sat under the Oak and spoke unto Gideon when he was threshing wheat by the Wine Press, and said unto him, "The Lord is with thee, Thou Mighty Man of valor," (Judges 6. 11, 12;) and in his hand God delivered the Midianites and all their hosts. Judges 7:14.

It was the Divine Unity and Naomi's going to the land of Israel, that Ruth, i.e. Rest, and Boaz, i.e. Strength , became the great Progenitors of David. Ruth 4:13-22.

It was the departure from the Blessed Unity of God that caused Israel's being overcome by their enemies, and their subsequent oppression and suffering.

And it is the Divine Unity that will cause them to triumph over their enemies in these last days, and to be established, as is promised them, a Kingdom of "Priests" unto God and his Messiah, David King of Israel. In confirmation of this see Jere. 30:9; Ezek. 34:23-25, and 37:24-25; Hosea 3:5; Psa. 89:19-36, and 2 Sam. 23:1 and 5.

It was a departure from the Divine Unity that has robbed Israel (but only for a time) of the Kingdom and Government of God's Zion and Jerusalem, and the Temple of his Glory, and has also robbed them of the power of the "Key of David," so that God has shut and none has opened.

And it will be the Ever Blessed Unity that will restore them the power of the "Key of David," and Israel will "open and none shall shut, and shut and none shall open."


1st. Power.
2d. Wisdom.
3d. Righteousness.
4th. Justice.
5th. Mercy.
6th. Goodness.
7th. Truth.

"Undivided they stand--Divide them, We Fall."

In Zech. 3:9, we find the following very remarkable words, "For, behold, the Stone that I have laid before Joshua (i.e. Savior;) upon One Stone* (Unity) shall be Seven Eyes," or perceptive Powers, as we must certainly perceive the aforementioned Seven Pillars are. Without that One Stone, the Divine Unity, and a correspondent practice therewith, all our endeavors will be rendered entirely weak and inefficient, because "Union is Strength," and consequently, Life and Consolidation, which, as I said before, is the very first grasp or breath of the soul in Immortality and Eternal Life. Whilst, on the contrary, a belief in a Trinity, or plurality of Gods, whether it is 3 or 3000, is the very first step in Darkness, Confusion, and Eternal Death; and so long as any soul holds to the latter belief, and practices agreeably thereto, he can never compose a Stone, or be a pillar of support, in the coming Kingdom of God. No, never, never. And so thoroughly have I become convinced and so fully satisfied am I of this great truth, that I am now suffering in the sight of Angels and men the loss of all earthly comforts, not only, first and least, of my property, but chiefly of the society of a dear and beloved Wife and children, which is a far greater loss to me than the loss of my natural life; and which life I freely give up, even to the burning flame, sooner than deny my faith in the Unity of God, to believe in a Trinity, which is Division, well knowing that God is "Indivisible," and therefore cannot be divided.

* This is doubtless the "One Stone," spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, in his 2d. chapter 34th verse, that was to "smite the Great Image of the Four Gentile Monarchies upon their most vulnerable and weak part, which is the Trinity upon its feet--part of Iron (Romanism) and part of clay, (Republicanism,) and the Image became like the chaff of the Summer Threshing-floors, and the wind carried them away, so that no place was found for them, and the Stone (that is the Divine Unity) became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth."

It may be asked, What is Truth? I answer, the Truth to every man consists in that degree of evidence he has received, and according to the amount of this evidence he receives, or rejects everything, either as Truth or Error, if he be an honest and consistent man. This may properly be called relative truth. But Truth in itself, that is Positive Truth, consists in the Seven Attributes of God in an undivided Unity, because these are self-evident and manifest in all God's visible Creation, as the Psalmist beautifully declares in his 19th Psalm--"The heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork, (or work of his hands). Day unto Day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard." Their line, or chord, extends throughout all the earth, and to the end of the world, their word or language. Yea, indeed, in all God's works of the visible creation we discern clearly all his attributes, or those faculties and virtues we attribute to a supernatural Power, which we call God.

In proof of this let us take the very opposite to Power, which is Weakness;--the opposite to Wisdom, which is Folly;--the opposite to Righteousness, which is Unrighteousness;--the opposite to Justice, which is Injustice;--the opposite to Goodness, which is Wickedness; and the opposite to Truth, which is Falsehood. Our own reason and understanding at once tell us, that nothing Good, Excellent, or Virtuous, can ever be built up or sustained by these opposites. Whereas, with the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, God's Great House, or Everlasting Kingdom, may and will be set up and established.

The immutability of these Seven Pillars, or attributes, must be at once acknowledged by all, since they have continued the same from time immemorial, and must continue the same through all eternity.

The Universality of the Seven "Pillars," or House, or Powers, or Attributes, or "Eyes," is self-evident from their being the "Seven Spirits of God," sent forth "in all the earth."

The necessity and importance of these Seven Attributes being at this particular crisis disclosed and declared to the world, needs no apology; more especially when it is considered that the most clear and indisputable facts lately brought to light in the Holy Land (Palestine) concerning the Incorruptibility of David's Body;--the existence of the whole lower story of the Ancient Temple of Solomon, as well as the West wall of Herod's Temple; and also that the Holy Sepulcher is not the Place of the Christians' Messiah and Savior's death, and consequently no place of his Resurrection. All these Facts, and many more, prove the absolute necessity of something besides the "Lying Wonders" and "Pious Frauds" of the Church of Rome, for the honest soul to rest her Faith and Hope upon; and therefore the simplicity as well as Truthfulness of these Seven Pillars of Wisdom, ought to recommend them to every true lover of Wisdom.

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