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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Introduction to David, the Messiah

The greatest desire existing in the mind of the truly wise and intellectual, is the coming of "the Messiah, or literally anointed of the God of Jacob." 2. Sam. 23:1. No one who was never literally anointed, who never had the literal anointing Oil poured upon his head , as the Law of God commands, (see Exod. 30. 23-33, and 1 Sam. 16:12 and 13,) can ever, with any justice, lay claim to that divine Office and position.

This great and divine personage is and will be the "desire of all nations," and especially of Israel, to whom pertains (or belongs) the Promises. Rom. ix. 4. But they have wisely been very careful, lest, as that divine "Song of Songs" cautions over and over again, "They wake up their Beloved till he please," (Song 3:5,) and by so doing they forestall and anticipate the True Messiah, as all Christians have done, and a miscarriage and abortion be inevitably produced.

But the greatest of all errors is in believing, and in trying to make out, that the true Messiah is God himself; thus at once destroying the greatest of all Principles, the "Unity of God," by creating a Rivalism, or an equal with him.

That the Messiah will be a divinely authorized and divinely qualified being, endowed with sufficient Power and Wisdom to be a Deliverer* to his people, is true. But the very moment he lays claim as the Messiah, to the Honors and Homage which belong to God Himself, the very moment, I say, he receives that Homage and Honor, as God All-Mighty, or as an Equal with God; that moment he is no Messiah, but an awful wicked Usurper to Divine Honor and Power, and strikes a leveling blow to all his claims and assumption.

* See Isa. lv. 3 and 4, who is this great Deliverer and "Commander."

The Sword and Brute Force have ever borne sway and put down Light, Truth, and Knowledge, opposing and crushing them in their very birth, as it was told Esau, "By thy sword thou shalt live." The false system of Christianity, and their Messiah, headed by their false Priests, have always been the first to withstand them. Witness this in the condemnation of Galileo, of Florence, in the year 1610, for declaring and proving "that this earth revolved." Vigilius was condemned for asserting that this earth was round like a Globe, and not flat like a plate. Columbus was laughed at and ridiculed, and was near losing his life, because he persisted in maintaining that there was a western continent, which he discovered. So was Harvey, in his Theory of the Circulation of the Blood; so was Fulton, in his application of Steam to navigation, in 1806. All moral republican Government was at first opposed, and is still most bitterly opposed throughout nearly the whole of Europe, and was so lately opposed as 1849, by France, in crushing the Roman Republic in Italy, and that too by the Priests heading the Mob with the Cross in one hand and the Dagger in the other, offering the republicans their choice.

Even so will the great Truth be of proving that David is the true "Messiah of the God of Jacob," (2 Sam. 23:1,) and that he only was the literally Anointed; (see 1 Sam. 16:13;) which facts will prove as soon as David's Tomb is examined and explored properly. Then we will see fulfilled the 29th chapter of Isaiah 4th verse, to Jerusalem, "And thou shalt be brought down, and shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust," which cannot then be denied by any sane mind. But Truth was made for Man and Man for the Truth. Truth is "mighty, and must and shall prevail;"* and all Falsehood and error shall be forever banished to their own Level and repository.

* "Error is mortal, and cannot live;
    Truth immortal, and cannot die."

The True Messiah was never to come in the meridian of time, nor during the time of the second Temple, as many have tried to prove from the 70 weeks of Daniel, but in the "Last Days."

And the Suffering Messiah (Ephraim ben Joseph, i.e. son of Joseph, see Gen. 49:24, answering to Isaiah 53.) was never to come before the Restoration, Pre-eminence, and Redemption of Israel and Jerusalem, but always afterward. But Christians maintain exactly the reverse, viz., The coming of a Messiah before the Restoration and Redemption of Israel and Jerusalem, and that too 1820 years ago. Hence they put the 53rd of Isaiah all that time before the 52d. is fulfilled, and before all the previous chapters are fulfilled, destroying all their consecutive order; thus contradicting all the Prophets who have spoken upon this most momentous subject. See Ezek. 36. 23-31. So with Dan. 8. and 9. chaps. And we see that too before the Messiah is cut off, in the 9. chapter, 26 5. of the "70 weeks," and before the "Sanctuary was ever cleansed" at the end of "2300 days," (see 8:14,) and before "Transgression comes to the full," (verse 23,) or "Transgressions are finished," and before there is an "end of sins," and before Everlasting Righteousness is brought in." "prophecy is sealed up" or finished; or before it is proved, without controversy, who is the True Messiah.

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