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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Preface to the True Mother, or Church

These Facts the Writer thinks he has fully proved and made plain, in the following treatise, in the most striking manner; and it is most wonderful how divine Prescience and Wisdom has preconceived and designed this wonderful representation, showing by it, every Fact, exactly in the order that it should take place in the Hebrew and Christian Churches, thousands of years before any one thing had taken place, and that under the figure of "Two Women," both claiming the "Living Child," or Messiah.

The greatest and grandest of all designs and ends appears to have been in the Divine Mind, and that is to set forth the great Fundamental Truth of the Divine Unity, because


And not only Weakness, but "Mystery,"* and consequently Darkness and Death, as Division must inevitably ever produce.

* The Priests themselves say "the Trinity is a Great Mystery."

We can clearly see from that sound and well-established axiom of Euclid, that

"A Whole is greater than any one of its parts,"
And that no one part can be equal to the whole.

Therefore it is self-evident to any rational mind, that if the Perfect Whole of the Divine Unity is Divided into a Trinity of "God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost," no one of these three parts can possibly be equal to the one only perfect Whole, or True God.

It is an utter impossibility for that Glorious Day, so long desired, of unity ever to arrive, until the whole Christian and Heathen world shall acknowledge in Theory and Practice, that there is only "One Lord, and his name One," as declared by the Prophet. Zech. 14:9.

But so long as any one part of this world declares and adheres to the absurdity that "One is Three," and that "Three is One," so long there must be division, disunion, and discord.

The One Great Truth, however simple, that One is One, and only* One; and that one never was, nor ever can be three, nor more than One; because it takes two and one, or three Ones, to make three.

* And the man that effects this, will effect a thousand times more than all the Plato's, Socrates's, Galileo's, Columbus's, Jesus's, or Mohammed's, who ever lived, because nothing else can produce Unity or Oneness.

Never, then, let these ridiculous contradictions enter your minds, and that day will come as soon as ever we begin to practice this great but simple Truth.

If we desire to bring anything about, only get the right Theory, and put that Theory strictly in Practice, and then we are sure and certain of effecting our object, but never, never, never, so long as we have a professed belief that God is One and only One, while at the very same time we say He is Three, or a Trinity of Persons.

It will be seen that all the Scripture texts that are made use of in this work, are used exactly in the same manner as is done by God himself, in His application and interpretation of them.

I have for the very best of reasons not confined myself to the Law of God, but have freely taken Texts and made use of passages out of the New Testament, (so called,) because it is believed even by persons who erroneously reject the Law of God as "Fulfilled" and "Abrogated," and consequently "Finished," and who, therefore, will only believe and accept their own New Testament Testimony.

Surely then such persons will not reject their own Scriptures, which I have chosen for this reason alone. I wish this to be particularly remembered, because I have been often told that "no true Israelite can believe in the New Testament evidence;" this I well know; but if this is sufficient reason why a Jew cannot receive the New Testament, it is sufficient reason why the Christian must believe and receive his own New Testament Scriptures, and because it is the only way we can reach him with his own testimony, and for this reason alone, it is freely given and made use of to such, and to such persons only.

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