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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

The Living Child, or True Messiah

or David, the Messiah of GOD.
Ps. 35.:26, 27; Dan. 11:14.

"And all Israel heard of the judgment which the King had judged; and they feared the King; for they saw that the WISDOM OF God was in him to do judgment." 1 Kings 3:28.

The two women who came to King Solomon were a type of the Hebrew and Gentile Churches, and were given to show us who the true "Living Child," or Messiah, is; and also which of the two women, of Churches, is the True Church. And these two things are the most important that have ever engaged the human understanding.

If an appear to natural affection alone, by King Solomon's attempt to divide the "Living Child," proved his wisdom, not only to ascertain the "True Mother" of the "Living Child," what will be said when it shall be seen that the "two Women" signify the Hebrew and Gentile Churches, and that his attempt to divide the "Living Child" not only proves which of the Two Churches is the True Church, by the mother holding fast to the Divine Unity, but also, which is the True Messiah; the one that came into this world more than 1800 years ago, or the one who is yet to come.

Some persons thoughtlessly object to types, figures and signs, as not being sufficiently accurate, or definite, to arrive at Truth; but be it remembered, that all words are but types, figures or signs, to express and convey our ideas; and the great and grand object to be attained by them, to the truly wise, is Understanding and Truth.

Even the Holy and Divine Word, itself, that God has declared he has "magnified above all his name," (see Ps. 138:2,) is entirely composed of types, figures, or certain signs, upon which all our salvation is dependent; making in the aggregate the Holy Word of God. And the reason he has made use of them is, that he might have a medium through which to convey his Great and ever adorable Name of Power and Wisdom to us--for how could the Great God convey to fallen creatures the Truth without a medium? And what sort of medium would it be possible to form without certain types, figures or signs, of some sort or other? Is it not then exceedingly foolish and simple for any person to object to them? Ask such if they can speak, read, or write without them? This cannot be done, therefore True Wisdom consists in the discernment, right knowledge, and right appreciation of these symbols, in accordance with the Will and the intention of an all-wise and great Being.

It appears "Two Women," who were Harlots, came to King Solomon and stood before him. These both, we are informed, dwelt in one house, and each was delivered of a Son, but the false mother was delivered of hers the Third Day after the "True Mother." This last expression* expresses very great wisdom indeed. It appears there was no stranger in the house, but these "Two Women" were alone. That the woman who  last delivered overlaid her son, and arose at midnight and took the "Living Child" from the bosom of its mother and laid it in her own bosom, and then placed her dead child, or Son, in the bosom of the other. When the morning came, the True Mother arose to give suck, or nourishment, to her son, and "behold it was not her son that she did bear." Each claiming the "Living Child," they both applied to King Solomon to decide the claim. King Solomon said, "Bring me a sword and divide the Living Child in two, and give half to the one and half to the other. Then spake the woman whose the Living Child was, unto the King, for her bowels yearned upon her son, and she said, O my Lord, give her the Living Child, and in no wise slay it; (by dividing it;) but the other said, Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it. Then the King said, give her the Living Child, and in no wise slay it, (by dividing it,) she is the mother thereof." 1 Kings 3:16-28.

* When I was a Christian I applied the Woman who first spake and who was first delivered, to the Christian Church and her son Jesus--but I afterward discovered my mistake, and was it was the True Mother of the Living Child who had first spoken, and who was first delivered.

Now be it ever remembered, this all-important decision took place after the false mother had said, "Nay, the Living is my son and the Dead is thy son," and the True Mother said, "No, but the Dead* is thy son, and the Living is my son. Thus they spoke before the King. Then said the King, the one says this is my son that lives and thy son is the dead; and the other says, Nay, but thy son is the Dead and my son is the Living." O what a most perfect and admirable description of the State of the Hebrew and Gentile Churches for the last 1800 years!

* And so Christians say, that Jesus, whom they call "God the Son," died, and is therefore the "Dead."

Is it possible for any language that is composed of types, figures, or signs, to express more fully the claim and state of both Churches? And is it possible there could be a greater or more important suit at issue, not only to decide forever which is the "Living Child," or True Anointed Messiah, but also which of the "Two Women" is the "True Mother," or Church?

Now this is the interpretation proved by the Word of God.

The "Two Women" who were Harlots signify the Hebrew and Gentile Churches. (See Is. 54:6; Jer. 3:1; Ezek. 16:28, and Rev.* 17:3, 4, and 5.) The one "House," in which only were the Two Women, in the "field" of this World. (See Matt. 13:38.) The "Third Day" after the "True Mother" was delivered was the 4004th year, for if the mother of the "Living Child" was delivered of her son, King David, in the year A. M. 2919,† it would be the first Day, or first thousandth year;--3919 would be the second Day, or second thousandth year; and 4004 would be the Third Day, or the third thousandth year, reckoning a part of a day or year for a whole day or year, as was always the custom amongst the Jews. Thus we see this beautiful type or figure of the Two Women is proved by time, if One Day is "a thousand years in thy (God's) sight as yesterday, when it is past." (See Ps. 90:4.) "And one Day is with the Lord as a thousand years." (2 Peter 3:8.) This "Living Child," or Man Child, is King David himself, and he is the True Anointed , or Messiah. (See 2 Samuel 23:1; Jer. 30:9; Ezek. 34:23 and 24, and Hos. 3:5.) He was not merely an eminent Type of the Messiah, both in his prophetical and regal character, but was specially and truly the only true "Living Child," or True Anointed, or Messiah himself, as the above quoted texts declare, and as time hereafter will make manifest.

* See Is. 64:7.
† Or B.C. 1085

The Woman, or Church, who "overlaid" her son, is the Gentile Church; and this she has done in taking only the spiritual part of a Messiah, and of God's everlasting kingdom, instead of the natural and the spiritual both together. Thus she has forestalled and anticipated* the true Messiah and his kingdom; and has in this way "overlaid" it 1800 years ago, as all facts prove, and as I shall show hereafter. She is, therefore, the False Mother, or Church, that labors to divide the true "Living Child." She has taken the prophecies that King David declared concerning himself, and NOT of another, and has taken those and laid them in her bosom, and is for giving half to the True Mother, or Hebrew Church, and taking half to herself. She continues to this day in saying, "Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it." i.e. slay it; and ever and anon is, and has been, raising the cry, "Thine is the Dead, and mine is the Living," although she alone is opposed to the Unity, and is for Trinity, i.e. division, although she well knows it will prove certain death to the Living Child. Thus she declares that the only living God consists of three persons, or personalities, "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;" whereas the two last are only properties that she attributes, and gives to the only one God. O! False Woman! O! False Woman! O! False Church! The light and truth of God will yet make thee naked, and "bare and uncover thy thighs and secret parts." See Is. 47:1 to 4. Thou art literally and verily the "Daughter of Babylon and Chaldea." See Is. 23:13, and Rev. 17. The last two extracts fully reveal the Christian Church.

* See Appendix.

The "morning" when the True Mother, or Church, arises to give nourishment, or "suck" to her Son, or the True Messiah, is the morning of the Redemption and Resurrection, or 7000th year. Then, and not till then, will the True Messiah receive support and nourishment from his mother, the True Church, which cannot be in this world, or order of things; which supports Daniel's four beasts, or Monarchies, and is therefore death to the True Mother and her Son--they cannot live in it and receive support.

That which lives in this world, and is nourished by the four Gentile Monarchies, is the False Mother, because "She has committed fornication with the kings and great men of the earth," and her dead son is supported by all the four Beasts, or Monarchies, of Daniel; and these, and the fifth Monarchy, cannot both receive support and the dominion at one and the same time; for Daniel declares that "the fifth Monarchy, or the Kingdom, of the "stone cut out of the mountain without hands," "smote all the Great Image (of the four Beasts,) and carried them away, that no place was found for them." See Dan. 2:34 and 35.

So it must have been the one half of the Dead Child (the spiritual without the literal) that was set up 1800 years ago, for place has been found for the whole of the Image, from the head of gold down to the feet of iron and clay; and they all exist until this day. King Solomon signifies true Wisdom. The Sword that is to try the claim to which the woman, or church, belongs, the one true, undivided "Living Child," or Messiah, (for King Solomon, i.e. Wisdom, did not divide it, but only made pretence,) is God's most holy and righteous law. See Deut. 33:29; Psa. 45:3; and Eph. 6:17.

The True Mother is the Hebrew Church, that continually cries out, "Hear, O Israel! The Lord thy God is the one Lord," and not three, and is therefore for Unity and not Trinity, and is opposed to dividing the "Living Child," ("for her bowels yearned upon her son.")

She cannot take the spiritual part 1800 years before the literal has had its accomplishment, as all the prophets and their prophecies cry out and bear witness against her for so doing; for when we carefully examine them, and try her cause by them, we can clearly discover that the attendant circumstances which they declare shall take place have not yet occurred, and therefore she cannot be the True, nor her son the "Living," but she is the False, and her son the "Dead."

The True Mother, or Church, says, Holy fast to the literal and spiritual part of the prophecies, and in no wise divide them--neither from each other, not from their attendant circumstances, neither suffer their consecutive order to be destroyed; but wait upon God, and in his own time he will fulfill every jot and tittle of them, and "at the end they will speak and not lie; and though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry." Hab. 2:3. Then the King, i.e. Wisdom, will say, Give her the "Living Child," and in no wise slay it,* (divide it,) she is the mother thereof."

* O, the depth and beauty of this language of God's Holy Spirit in setting forth the excellence of the Divine Unity.

Here is an all important and most serious error that the False Mother has fallen into, assuming to have already in possession the spiritual part of the kingdom of God, and his Messiah, many hundreds of years before the literal appears; and in order to support this, almost every prophecy has been mutilated and severed from its connection with certain other circumstances, which were given as tests and marks, whereby we should know for a certainty when they were truly fulfilled, without any possibility of mistake.

But she had not attended to all these circumstances, which were to take place, some before, some at the time, and some after the great object of Prophecy. I will mention first, the one so often quoted from the 7th chapter of Isaiah, 14th v. "Behold, a Virgin* shall conceive, and bear a Son," (a circumstance that has doubtless happened many thousands of times. Not a word is there stated of any miraculous conception,  without a natural father,) "and shall call his name Immanuel."

* The Hebrew is Harah veyoldah, and means a Woman in labor, as it does in Jeremiah 31:8, and not a virgin.

Now this circumstance was given as a Sign to Ahaz, King of Judah, that before this very child that was born of a woman, and called Immanuel, should "know to refuse the evil and choose the good, the land (Syria) that thou abhorrest should be forsaken of both her Kings." (See 16th verse.) This all took place, according to the chronology affixed over the very page, 758 before the Christian Era. Yet, for all this, this prophecy, that was all fulfilled so many years before the Christian Era, is applied to Jesus of Nazareth 758 years after.

[p. 74-75 are missing from this copy]

Nevertheless the 6th and 7th verses of this 9th chapter of Isaiah are wrested and separated from what I have mentioned precedes and succeeds the prophecy, and are applied to Jesus, notwithstanding we see that of all the attendant circumstances which are declared shall take place at the time of the coming of the true Messiah, not one has yet taken place to this very day; for the burden is not yet broken from off Israel's neck, nor the "staff and rod of the oppressor;" neither has Jesus yet sat upon David's Throne,* nor upon his Kingdom, to order and establish it," for it still remains crushed under the dominance of the "4 Gentile Beasts," or Monarchies, and must so remain until the Time comes for the saints to take the Kingdom," and for the establishment of the 5th monarchy of the "Stone." (See Daniel 2:31-35.)†

* Neither will not can he ever sit upon David's Throne, if he be of the seed of Jeconiah, or Coniah, as he is described to be, (see Matt. i. 11, and Jer. 22:28-30.) So Jesus cannot fulfill the 7th verse of the 9th chapter of Isaiah.

† See Appendix B.

We see here in both these prophecies just mentioned, that the False Mother has overlaid her son; the first in the sign of the woman bringing forth Immanuel 758 years B.C., and the last more than 1800 years, as "the burden and staff of the oppressor" yet remains most grievously upon Israel's neck, as all facts prove in this our day; and that from the very same oppressive power, (viz. the Midianites or Ishmaelites, see Gen. 37:28, where these two are identified,) the Turks being the lineal descendants from Ishmael, and his mother Hagar.

So that doubtless both these two noted prophecies remain unaccomplished. As further proof of this, turn over to the same prophet in the very next chapter, (10:25, 25, and 27,) where the very same thing is repeated in the 27th verse, and that too when the Assyrian comes to Zion and smites Israel, which we all know is yet future.

There remain two more noted prophecies, which are thought to be all conclusive, in proof that "the Dead" is "the Living Child," but upon a very slight examination and consideration, the Time prophesied, and all the attendant circumstances, (which were given as evidence when they would be really accomplished,) by comparing all these carefully together, it will clearly be seen that they have all been anticipated and forestalled, and consequently "overlaid" by the Gentile, or Esau-ic, Church.

The first of these is that famous one given by the Patriarch Jacob, as is mentioned in the 49th chapter of Gen. 10th v., when he called together his sons and told them "that which shall befall you (them) in the Last days," (verse 1,) and not 1800 years and more since. He says, "The Scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come, and unto him shall the gathering of the people be."

Now we can see, that if the "Union Bible Dictionary," put out by the American Sunday School Union, be true, the "fourth captivity," and the last, took place (see page 138, under the head of "captivity") A.M. 3416, that is, 588 years before ever the Christians' Shiloh (Christ) appeared.*

* But the prophet Daniel, 1, 2, forever settles this point, that the scepter departed 607 years B.C.; and here we see this Great Hobby of the Christian Church and its Missionaries to PERVERT the Jews fall to pieces by its own repelling force.

Well, first I must observe that anything which happened 1849 years back, could not possibly be "in the Last Days;" and secondly, that consequently the Scepter still remains in possession of the Tribe of Judah somewhere, as will be clearly seen when the "Kings of the East, and the Ten Tribes, with Judah at the head of them, come forth from their place of hiding." (See Is. 49:9.) They will then "show themselves" and their true Messiah, which will most certainly prove whether or not the Christian Church has 'overlaid" and forestalled the "Living Child" in applying it to Jesus 1800 and more years ago, instead of the Last days. God everywhere declares that he will bring back the captivity of Judah, as well as that of Israel, or the nine and a half Tribes. See Jer. 30:3, and Ezek. 37:16-23.

And lastly, we do not see as yet that "To him has the gathering of the people been." If we apply it to Jesus, it is so only in a very imperfect and limited sense, for there are more Pagans and Mohammedans than Christians, many times over. But this is not all, for we do not see yet the two preceding verses of this prophecy fulfilled, nor the two succeeding ones. Judah's "hand has not been yet in the neck of his enemies, neither have his father's children bowed down before him," although he is "couching as a Lion, and as a young Lion." (See verses 8 and 9, and compare this with Balaam's prophecy, Num, 23:24, and with the corresponding one given in Deut. 33:7, given by the Man of God, Moses, upon the head of Judah, thus, "Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah, and bring him unto his people: let his hands be sufficient for him, and be thou a help to him from his enemies.") Then settle forever that this prophecy remains for the Last days. Well may Isaiah cry out, "Thou, O Lord, art our Father, our Redeemer; thy name is from everlasting:" and, "Return for thy servants' sake, the Tribes of thine Inheritance; the people of thy holiness have possessed it (Palestine) but a little while." See Is. 63:16-19.

The next prophecy  to be considered is mentioned in the 9th chapter of Daniel, 24th and 25th verses. "Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy city to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting Righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy." This is the 24th verse.

Now before I proceed to the 25th verse, I would observe, that if there was not any other evidence than this between the two lids of the Bible, the above ought most certainly to be sufficient and conclusive to any sane and unprejudiced mind, that not the least of it has yet taken place, for what, "Is Wisdom no more in Teman (Edom?) Is counsel perished from the prudent? Is their Wisdom vanished?" (Jer. 49:7,) that I need observe in the 19th century that "transgression is not finished," neither is there an "end of sins," nor "everlasting righteousness brought in;" neither is all "vision or prophecy sealed" or fulfilled? But now for the 25th verse, and we find that the greatest of all interpreters, Time, has proved to nearly all chronologers, that the 70 weeks, if taken for 490 years, as nearly all agree, are past, forever past, if taken and applied to the "Dead Child;" and this is all-sufficient to show, in this respect, if in no other, that she, the false mother, has "overlaid" it, and I challenge any chronologist, Wm. Miller and above fifty* others, to deny it upon their own calculation now published, and before the world. "Know, therefore, and understand, from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem, unto the Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times." Now who does not know that neither the walls of Jerusalem nor its streets were built at all during the appearance of Jesus, but were destroyed seventy years after him, by Titus. "And after threescore and two weeks shall the Messiah be cut off." Now we know from the books of the Evangelists, (so called,) and from profane History, that Jesus was crucified about seventy years before that event, as above mentioned, and not after that event. Now can there be a single doubt that the whole of this prophecy remains yet future? Does not the two last observations prove that all former calculations, which make them to have been fulfilled, fall to the ground by only these two last strokes?

* The Episcopal Recorder says, "That the 2300 years would terminate with the year which began in April, 1847, and will end in April, 1848." See the Sparrow, p. 15.

Nor can it be otherwise than that this noted prophecy remains unaccomplished, when we see all that is predicted in the second chapter of the same book of Daniel, in relation to the "Four Monarchies not yet fulfilled;" nor the seventh in the setting up of "God's everlasting Kingdom;" (see 7th chapter;) nor that of the 8th chapter. Cast your eyes upon the 14th verse, "Unto two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." Has this taken place? Have the Turks cleansed it? You will surely answer, "No one believes this, unless it be themselves." How then can you reasonable expect that the very cause of events that is to bring about these events has happened, and yet at the same time believe that what I have quoted from the next (the 9th chapter, 24th, 25th and part of the 26th verse,) has taken place 1849 years ago, and that the Jews were blind in not believing it, as I did, and as Christians now do? I sucked all these inconsistencies in with my mother's milk, and never discovered them until I went to Jerusalem. And why? Because I never looked at them before with a single eye, and with an unprejudiced mind, in connection with that patient research that is so indispensably connected with Facts and Places.

Can the effect be produced without a cause? It is impossible, you will at once reply. So neither can the 9th of Daniel, until the 2d, 4th, 7th and 8th are fulfilled. Neither can the 53rd chapter of Isaiah before the 52d chapter, nor before even the first part of the 2d chapter. Cast your eyes upon only the fore part of these two chapters, and ask yourself this question. Have these things taken place yet? Has "the mountain of the Lord's House been established in the top of the mountains?" Is it "exalted above the Hills?" Do "all nations flow unto it?" Do "many people go and say, come ye and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and we will teach us of his ways, and we shall walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the Law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem." Now for the 4th chapter: Have "seven women taken hold of one man saying, We will eat out own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name to take away our Reproach?" (See the next 4th and 5th verses.) "When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged away the blood from the midst thereof, by the spirit of Judgment and by the spirit of burning, then The Lord will create upon every dwelling-place of Mount Zion, and upon all her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flame of fire by night," &c. &c. Surely this has not yet taken place--so neither has the 9th of Daniel before the 2d and 7th, which corresponds with the 2d of Isaiah. The Fifth Kingdom of the "Stone" is not yet set up, (see Dan. 2:44,) and this is the Kingdom mentioned in the 7th chapter, when "the Kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom, under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people (the Jews) of the saints of the Most High, whose Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom." (Dan. 7:27.) Now then the 8. c. 14th verse, when the "Sanctuary is to be cleansed at the end of 2300 days"--which is not yet done--then comes the fulfillment of the 9th chap. 24th and 25th verses of the "Seventy Weeks."

Now we will introduce the 52d of Isaiah: "Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the Holy City, for henceforth there shall be no more come unto thee the u n c i r c u m c i s e d and the unclean." Do the u n c i r c u m c i s e d and unclean pass through Jerusalem yet or any more? Read the rest of the 52d chapter, and you will see at once, if taken in connection with the 9th of Dan. 24 and 25, that "transgression is not yet finished" in the Holy City, neither is there "an end of sins," (the same that Isaiah declares,) nor "everlasting Righteousness brought in," nor "prophecy sealed up," or finished; nor has the "Messiah been cut off at the end of sixty-two weeks," (Jesus was cut off Before.)

The Word of God will yet be found perfect, taken in its consecutive order of events, as these are declared by all the Prophets.

You are now only beginning to be introduced to an acquaintance with the abominable mother of lies, and of her "fornication with all the inhabitants of the earth." See Rev. 17:2, and you can perceive how she has introduced her "three gods in one" and the "one in three," under her mark and name of "Mystery Babylon," with her many "Pious Frauds" and "Lying Wonders."

But we will not leave this most important question, that "the Messiah must have come sometime during the time that the Second Temple stood, which was built by Zerubbabel;" but this is not true.

And all this assumption is founded and supposed to be true upon the assertion quoted out of the 9th of Dan., 26th v., that "after threescore and two weeks the Messiah shall be cut off, but not for himself," some persons not considering that facts themselves prove that the verse but one before cannot possibly yet have taken place.

Now we will examine the stronghold of this "Daughter of Babylon" and "Daughter of Chaldea" and compare Is. 47 with Rev. 17 and 18, and then read the 53d chapter of Isaiah, and see if it can in any way apply to a Messiah crucified 1816 years since.

The Prophet begins this prophecy properly at the 13th verse of the 52nd chapter, thus, "Behold, 'my servant' shall deal prudently." Now, who is this he is speaking to under the title of "my servant?" Looking at the 41st chapter, 8th verse, "But thou, Israel, art my Servant, Jacob whom I have chosen." Here God's own word is its own Interpreter. Can we have a better? Next verse says, "Thou art my servant, I have chosen thee." The first verse of the 42d chapter says, "Behold my servant* whom I uphold, mine elect." Again in the 44th chapter and the 4th verse it says, "Hear now, O Jacob, my servant." Again in the 45th chapter, 4th verse, "For Jacob, my servant's sake;" and so in the 49th chapter, 6th verse, and throughout the whole book; we find that Israel is the Servant alluded to also in Jer. xxx. 10, and Ps. 134:22.

* N.B. Although Israel is God's "Servant," they are to be headed by a Messiah, Ben Joseph, "the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel," (see Gen. 49:24,) but not David ben Judah, until the morning. See Psalm v. 3.

In relation to the 2d verse of the 53 chapter, "He hath no form nor comeliness: and when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him." Christians represent that Jesus was of a most perfect Form of five feet eleven inches high, and a most perfect beauty, with aquiline nose and orient curls, and most perfect features, and so says the written account given of him, in the reign of Tiberius Caesar, which most have seen. Fifth verse, "For he was wounded for" (but the original Hebrew is, Mem, i.e. by,) our transgressions; that is, "Israel my servant," was "wounded by our transgressions;" by the gentiles' transgressions he was "bruised" by (not "for") our iniquities, as will be yet seen before the Gentiles are healed, that it is by the very "bruises" and "stripes" by which their peace is yet to be made through their Head, Messiah Ben Joseph.

Verse 8th says, "He was taken from Prison." We have no account that Jesus was ever in Prison.

Verse 9th, "He made his Grave with the wicked, and his Death with the Rich;" but the New Testament declares exactly the contrary. His Death was with the Wicked, (between two thieves,) and his Grave with the Rich," in the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, (Matt. 27:60,) and Jesus' Grave is "more than fifty feet" from that of Joseph's, in the Nave of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. See Durbin's Travels, vol. i., pages 301, 302. How is this?

Verse 10, "He shall see his seed." He never saw "his seed," for we read that he shall never have any; and even if he had, as He was of the seed of Jeconiah, or Coniah, (see Matt. 1:11,) not one of the seed of Coniah, as Jer. 22:30, declares, that "No man of his seed shall prosper sitting upon the Throne of David, nor ruling any more in Judah," therefore Isa. 9:7, can never be applied to Jesus, if Matt. 2:11 be true, and Jer. 22:30.

"He shall prolong his days," (verse 10.) This Jesus never has done, for he died* at the age of about thirty-three.

*What did I say? --Die? Why my God could never die. Nay, "He liveth, unchangeable, forever."

So that any one can see that it is utterly impossible for any person who is not entirely carried away with his prepossessions and prejudices, to apply this 53rd of Isaiah to Jesus; and he must be enthusiastically Insane upon the subject, to destroy all its consecutive order, and that of all the Prophets, especially of Daniel, and anticipate and forestall the events as declared by him, and that, too, before the Four Gentile Beasts are slain or destroyed," (see Dan. 7:11 and 27;) before the "Stone" smites them, (see Dan. 2:34;) "before the ancient of Days did sit;" "before the Thrones are cast down," (Dan. 7:9;) "before the Beast is slain," (verse 11;) "before the sanctuary be cleansed," (8-14;) "before the King of Fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up," (verse 23.) How can there be "an end of sins" and "finish of the transgression" 1847 years before these very things that are to bring them about take place? O foolish, cruel, and inconsistent Mother to overlay, forestall, and anticipate the Only "Living Child" in this manner, and to try to make the King and all men believe, even in this 19th century, that thy "Dead Child" which thou hast so grievously "Overlaid," is the Only Living and True Anointed Messiah! Will it not take Judgments of no mild kind to persuade and convince thee? Yea, even the seven most awful plagues themselves, to open the eyes of those who have had their fat livings from this state of deception, and who have had their eyes blinded and their hearts hardened by the God of this world, to wit: the "Lust of the Flesh," the "Lust of the Eyes," and the "Pride of Life." "O Daughter of Edom" and "Daughter of Babylon" who art to be destroyed, happy shall be he who takes and dashes thy little ones against the stones." Ps. 137:8.

If the coming of the True Anointed, i.e. Messiah, and setting up of God's Everlasting Kingdom, or Church, is overlaid and superseded so many hundreds of years before all these very facts, or attendant circumstances come to pass, that are indispensably necessary in order to bring it about, how is it possible ever to take place or to be established?

It is now admitted on all hands, that nearly all the LITERAL part, or fulfillment, of the prophecies, have not yet taken place, and when we ask the spiritualizers when and where this and that prophecy was ever literally fulfilled, they invariably answer, "Oh, it was fulfilled many hundreds of years back, when the Spiritual Kingdom of Jesus was set up." But let such know that the Kingdom of God for which we pray, is to be as literal as any of the four that precedes it. Now what would we think of a Spiritual Kingdom of Chaldea, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome existing only spiritually many hundreds of years before they ever literally existed, that is, before they ever existed, in PLACE, together with all the attendant circumstances that were necessary to form them into a visible Kingdom? Did you ever hear of a Spiritual Republic of America or Kingdom of England existing many hundreds of years before either of them existed literally or visibly? But the first thing that is requisite is place for a Kingdom, then a People, and then there must be a Spirit to influence and move the people to right government. The false and absurd idea of a Spiritual* existence in the abstract from the Body, and before its corresponding Body, many hundreds of years, is too unfounded and foolish to merit a moment's serious consideration. Were it not that darkness and its consequent blindness, had fastened this idea upon the minds of the people, it would be thought the fullest evidence and proof of insanity. The Prophets of God all give the fullest detail of circumstances that require Place and Time. Take, for instance, the 60th of Isaiah, and the last 16 chapters of Ezekiel, and particularly the 32d chapter, and let any one attempt to spiritualize them into a fulfillment disconnected with the facts and circumstances as there declared shall and must first take place.

* All Spiritual Ideas are predicated upon Substances, and therefore the literal substance must be first, for it presupposes it.

What can we think of a man existing without a Body? What is to give him perceptibility, feeling, or power to act, but by and through a Body? But the spiritualist will reply that "we all come into the world with a fallen Body; it is, therefore, indispensable for a redeemed spirit to be sent from God, before we can be prepared for a new and redeemed Body at the resurrection." But I answer; all this can and will be done by a strict obedience to God's Most Holy and Righteous Law, which requires us to "Love him with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our might," (Deut. vi. 5,) and "our neighbor as ourselves," (Lev. 19:18;) and without the help of any other that is inferior and entirely predicated upon it, and which professes to supersede it, as doth the Christian and Mohammedan Religions. In the case of every living Being coming into this world, whether Jew or Gentile, he finds himself with a Body first, and long before he has any spiritual perception. All men, I say, know it to be a fact, that we come into this world first with a Body; that this Body is without any knowledge of either Temporal or Spiritual Ideas, until they are received through the medium of the five senses, and are all predicated upon substances--for every Idea presupposes a substance--upon which it can be founded. What Idea can we have of anything that never had any Body or visible existence? None at all. It is a perfect nonentity. The Jew and Gentile come into this world under like circumstances, but as soon as they are taught, the one* begins where the other ends--the one begins and is taught by his parents--First, to believe in a Spiritual Kingdom entirely unconnected with time and place, but which consists in some mental abstractions and refinements, and falls far short of the literal and spiritual Religion of the Prophets, which is connected with time, place and outward circumstances.

* The Jew begins with the Law where the Christian ends.

The Israelite commences and is taught by his parents, first, the Holy Language in which the Prophets spoke and wrote; he is taught to believe in a literal and redeemed Kingdom, and is immediately initiated in the knowledge of God's Most Holy Law, that prepares him for the coming of Elijah, and this is just where inspiration left him in the days of Malachi; and if he keep the Law, it is where Elijah will find him. "Remember ye the Law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. Behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of that great and dreadful Day of the Lord." Mal. 4:5.

Here we see from the Word of God that the Jew who keeps the Law ends with Elijah, whilst the Christian began with John the Baptist as his Elijah, and says Jesus "fulfilled" "and abrogated" and the Law ends. But it may now be said to the latter, "What will ye do in the end thereof?" for Elijah when he comes will most assuredly try and settle whether the Gentile's Child is the "Living Child" or not, and whether she or the Hebrew Church is the "True Mother."

All that the Gentiles profess to have is the spirit of the thing, that is, a spiritual Kingdom, set up 1800 years and more since; consisting of "Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost." The Body of the Redeemed Kingdom they possess not, but say, they have the fallen, personal Body attached to themselves, as is the case with the whole creation.

The true redeemed body either of Jerusalem, (the "Throne"* or HEAD of the redeemed earth,) or of man, cannot be obtained but by and through the Jew,† through C i r c u m c i s i o n and the Law of God.§ The Body belongs to the Jew; they are "the seven and also the eighth."§ Abraham himself was not "perfect" until he was c i r c u m c i s e d, although he had suffered so much in passing the Fiery Furnace of Ur of Casdim, and in being made willing to leave his "own country and kindred."

* Jer. 3:17.
† Zec. 8:23, and John 4:22.
§ Ec. 11:2.

Furthermore, no spirit, whether fallen or unfallen, can possibly be at rest, without its Body--for the Body is all that gives it perceptibility or sensibility--or it is that through which alone it can put forth any of its life or powers into action, and is the only medium that can connect it with the world it inhabits.

The principal seat of the fallen Body is located in the Foreskin, and no redeemed Body can be acceptable unto God as perfect with it. In confirmation of this read the 32d chapter of Ezekiel, (a chapter that forever sets at defiance the sophistical power of the Spiritualizer.) There we see every one of the nation "Slain with the sword," and doomed with the "U N C I R C U M C I S E D" that "go down to the pit," or Hades, or Hell. This is fully confirmed by Israel not being included, and how they are to be brought "out of the Pit wherein there is no water." (Read Zec. 9:11.) These are only brought out of the Pit, or Hell, by the Blood of the Covenant of c i r c u m c i s i o n. "A Bloody husband art thou, (says Zipporah to God, not to Moses,) because of the c i r c u m c i s i o n." Exod. 4:26. A relation by blood, which is the life, therefore no Pit, nor Hell, but Life, and that by Blood.

We hear much of those who "died in Faith." This is all true, and Abraham was a man of Great Faith before he was c i r c u m c i s e d, but pray mark one thing, That those who thus died "received not the promises," but saw them afar off." Now there is a very great difference between being in actual possession of a kingdom, or merely to have promises of that Kingdom, and only seeing the fulfillment of the promises a great way, or "afar off," and that only by faith. Jerusalem will not only be in that Kingdom, but the "Throne" and metropolis of that Kingdom; and there are those who, when it is established, will only see it by Faith, and "afar off," yea, thousands of years; whilst others will be in real possession of this Throne of the Kingdom, and Assessors or Judges upon this throne of God, (see Jer. 3:17,) even upon Jerusalem; and in that day Jerusalem will be redeemed and "build up with sapphires, and emeralds, and precious stones, thy walls and towers and battlements of pure gold, and the streets of Jerusalem," "O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colors, and lay thy foundations with sapphires." "And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones."

Then we will assuredly know who is the True Mother, and her people, for Daniel assures us that "the Kingdom shall not be left to other People:" and also who is the True "Messiah, or Anointed of the God of Jacob."

Now it is not only our privilege, but our duty, to take the sure Word of God for our "Lamp," and the marks that it has given us; so that we may see, avoid, and escape the False Woman and her dead child, and cleave to the "True Mother" and her "Living Child," that it may be well with us in the world to come. We may thus perceive from facts, that this False Church has not only divided the Spiritual from the literal, and placed the former first, by many, very many, years--which is altogether wrong--but she has divided and wrested all the prophecies from Time, Place, and their attending circumstances, as declared by all the Prophets.

Babylon was the capital of Chaldea, and Chaldea, or the Chaldeans, "was not until the Assyrians founded it." See Is. 23:13.

That Edom is Babylon is established and made plain by the Holy Spirit of God, for in the 137th Psalm, 7th verse, he speaks of "the children of Edom," and in the next verse (the 8th) he calls Edom, "O Daughter of Babylon." Peter in his first epistle, 5:13, identifies Babylon with Rome, or Edom; and in the Book of Jasher, 90th chapter, 8th verse, it says, "That the Children of Chittim ruled over Edom, under King Abianus, (see verses 6 and 10,) and Edom became under the hand of the children of Chittim, and became one kingdom from that day." And in chapter x. 16, he says, "And the children of Chittim are the Romin who dwell in the valley of Canopia by the river Tibrea." And in Samuel Baxter's English version of the Polyglot Bible, in his second map, he has correctly marked down both Austria and Italy as descendants of Kittim or Chittim, and so the Catholic or Roman religion (for all Syria was a Roman province (see Luke 3:1,) in the days of Jesus, emigrated and peopled all the West, Italy, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland.

The first division took place after the Roman Christian Religion was established, in the days of Constantinople, about the year A. D. 325; then the Armenian,* or Eutycian, which began in the year 448, or the 5th century. The second was that of the Greek Church, that commenced about the middle of the 9th, but was first started about the procession of the Holy Ghost, in the 6th century. The Waldenses, under Peter Waldo, in the year 1160. The Hussites, under John Huss, about the year 1407. The Protestant Church began under Martin Luther, in the 16th century; the Calvinistic under John Calvin, also in the beginning of the same century. The former may be considered as the Father of the Church of England, and the latter the father of the Presbyterians, in all their many and varied divisions. The Church of England and the Presbyterians separated from each other upon the form of church government, the one holding or adhering to the Episcopal form, or that of the Bishop, and the other to the Presbyterian, or that of Priests. In the year 1523, the Moravians, or United Brethren, divided. In the year 1536 and '38 the Baptists divided principally from the Independents. In the year 1624 the Quakers formed themselves into a sect, under George Fox. The Methodists, under John Wesley, in 1729, divided and formed a sect, principally from the Church of England. The Swedenborgians commenced under Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish nobleman, about 1743. The Shakers divided into a sect in the year 1774, under Anne Lee. The Mormons, under Joseph Smith, in the year 1827. The Irvingites, under Ed. Irving, in the year 1831. The Puseyites, under Pusey and Newman, began their division about the same time. I have now only mentioned some of the principal divisions of Edom, or Esau, since  Christianity arose, for besides these, Ecclesiastical History and Biography give us above 380 divisions of the False Mother, during the last 1800 years, all the time crying out "the Living is my Son and the Dead is thy Son;" while another Party arise up, saying, "No, but the Dead is thy Son, and the living is my son."

* "Amalek was the first of the nations."

Thus they have spoken before the King and Great God. Do not all these divisions mark and sign her as the False Mother and Gentile Church? Has not Division been the very breath of her Life and of her religion? But let us no longer dwell upon the various divisions and subdivisions of this false Woman, or "Mystical Babylon," in her great confusion of tongues, but let us go back and examine the origin and nature of Division, in great bodies; for as Union is the very life and strength of the "True Mother," so Disunion, or Division, has been the very life and preservation, (although weakness,) of the "False Mother" and her "Dead Child." This she well knows; it is, therefore, not without a just reason that she cried, "Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it." (1 Kings 3. 26th verse.) It is for a great reason that she held up to the Gentiles the Proverb, "That a half a Loaf is better than no bread." Yet at the same time she must have been conscious, that dividing the "Living Child" in Two must prove instant death to it as dividing the highest created Being down to the least animal; or Dividing the Unity of the One God into three persons; which must prove certain death to the Godhead, and, therefore, establish Idolatry. Yet we see that if the Gentile Church had not divided themselves into different sects and parties, and chosen different localities, the death and extermination of each other would have been the certain result; and even before they could and did effect this, what oceans of blood and great loss of life inevitably followed even before a temporary peace could be restored between them.

The Gentiles, it is feared, will not until it be too late, learn this great truth--that Union consolidates and gives STRENGTH, whilst division diffuses and produces WEAKNESS.

A fool may in a moment divide and destroy by explosion the most perfect and beautiful Body, but it requires the most consummate wisdom to unite and preserve it, with all its contending elements, for any length of time. We see from every day's observation, that the separation and division of Bodies is the easiest and most simple operation in nature, whilst it takes the greatest alchemist to unite and preserve a body indestructible* for the longest period. It is in this that the Power and Wisdom of God stands out most pre-eminent and most conspicuous in the preservation of the Unity of the Jewish Church or "True Mother," and will be the Wonder† and Glory of all succeeding ages of the Redeemed World. And although it may justly be attributed to the great principle of Unity, yet even in this there is a great secret, a "wheel in the midst of a wheel," for have not the Christian Churches continually tried to Unite, and cried, "O, let us not divide any more?" But they have found division unavoidable.

* As Israel is, and has ever been.
† This is the great wonder and secret not only to the society for converting them (as they admit) in their Lectures, but also of and to all infidels; and well is it observed, "There is no accounting for their perpetual isolation, their depressed but indestructible existence, on any principles save those revealed in the Word of God." "They were occasionally baptized by force; the bribe--the faggot--the prison, all were made to bear on their conversion or extinction--all have failed." And why? Because of that indivisible, unchangeable, adorable Unity.

The only two divisions that ever God immediately sanctioned were, in Principle,* "Light from Darkness," and in Body, Jacob from Esau. The former of these has ever tended to Union, and the latter to Division, although the latter has been modified by different degrees of the pleasantness and blessedness of the former, else life and creation would not be desirable, nor possible.

* Light may very properly be styled the Light of Life, because all sensibility is dependent upon it, through the medium of the Body.

It may be thought by some that I have depended too much upon a mere figurative description, that King Solomon gave, of two natural Women, or Mothers, each claiming the "Living Child;" but this cannot be said, nor maintained, so long as I can substantiate each and every part of that figure or type by real facts in each and every particular. For we know that there can be no mistake in this, that all division can be traced to the Gentile Christian Churches, and that it was not possible for them to continue without it; whilst Union can likewise be traced to the Hebrew Church, and that her cry has ever been Unity. This she has maintained through every adverse and opposing power and circumstance that Hell, Death, and the Grave could invent and put in execution, from the earliest and most remote period of the first ages down to the present day, and yet, "Lo! this people shall dwell alone and not be reckoned among the nations." (See Num. 23:9.) So long as the Eternal continues his ordinance in giving "the sun for a light by day, and the ordinance of the moon and stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea, when the waves thereof roar, the Lord of Hosts is his name. If these ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel, for all that they have done, saith the Lord." (Jer. 31:35, 36, and 37.) And has not the indestructible nature of the True Mother been attributed to every principle, and that, too, by men* of the first education and elevated standing--except the one so beautifully represented and delineated in the Two Women of King Solomon?

* In Proof of this assertion see the "Lectures on the Conversion of the Jews," in 1843.

And as Division and Disunion has been the continuance of the Christian, or Esauic, or Edom-ic Church, as was declared by him whom she believes to be her Messiah, or "Living Child," when he said, "I came not to send Peace, but a Sword, for I am come to set a man at variance against his Father, and the daughter against her Mother, and the daughter-in-law* against her mother-in-law, and a man's foes shall be they of his own household." (See Matthew 10:34, 35, 36.) So it has proved. How then can it in Truth be said that he is that Living Child prophesied of by Isaiah in his 9th chapter, 6th verse? "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father shall call his name the Prince of Peace, and of the increase of his government and Peace there shall be no end." Surely if we compare the above declaration of the character he gave of his own mission, with the one the Prophet has just given of the true Messiah, all must admit that the latter prophecy and personage, and his mission of Peace, of which there is to be no end, "to sit upon the Throne of David, and upon his Kingdom, to order it and establish it henceforth and forever," that they are not only quite distinct, but moreover no person in his right mind and senses will say this prophecy has ever yet been fulfilled. O, says the Christian, I "know this has never yet been fulfilled, only in a spiritual sense." To which I reply, "Here you give the fullest proof that you have Overlaid your child, for rest assured when God fulfills it in a literal sense, the spiritual sense must and will accompany it; and there is nothing under the sun to hinder the spiritual from accompanying it. Whereas, placing the spiritual sense first and alone, the literal remains unaccomplished. This is without a precedent in the very nature of things--for, as I have already proved, who ever saw a spiritual existence in the abstract, or what is to give it visibility, or perceptibility, or consciousness, without a Body? Who ever saw such a thing? Or by what means could it be made manifest unto him? What is the Body for but to make a Being manifest? Depend upon this one thing, that whenever any person asserts that he has known, or has seen and experienced, a Spiritual Kingdom, or a Spiritual Living Child, 1800 years before the literal, or that any Prophecy has been fulfilled hundreds of years before the Literal part of it has had its literal accomplishment, depend upon this one thing, I say, as certain and undeniable, that such a person has "Overlaid the Living Child," which must prove as certain death as if we were to extract all the Spirit from the Body of any man, and then expect him to live or exist.

* "And a House divided against itself cannot stand."

Why then thus forestall and anticipate the Truth; and by this very means that you adopt, must certainly and inevitably terminate, sooner or later, your own existence, or rather the existence of the Christian System, that you have so long been advocating and supporting upon this very principle? This is most beautifully and pertinently set forth in the vision that God gave to Abraham, in the 15th chapter of Genesis, 9th verse, and was to show him and us, not only what was to take place with his seed, (Israel), and the "Four Beasts," or Four Gentile Monarchies, but it also declares and shows us what their certain end will be, by all of them being "divided and laid each piece one against another," (see verse 10.) It further declares what the certain end of each piece will be, even the death and utter destruction and extermination of each other, as is declared by all the Prophets, (see Jer. 30:11.) And then Israel, his seed, "should inherit the Land." The vision by which this was represented was this: "and He (God) said unto Abram, Take a Heifer of three years old, and a She Goat of three years old, and a Ram of three years old, and a Turtle Dove and a young Pigeon. And he took unto him all these and Divided them in the midst, and laid each piece over against another, but the birds he divided not. And when the fowls came down upon the carcasses* Abram drove them away. And when the Sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram, and lo! an horror of great darkness fell upon him. And it came to pass when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace and a burning lamp passed between those pieces." It is said that "this vision was the Seventh Temptation to Abraham when God made a Covenant with him, and showed him what his seed would have to pass through, under the four Gentile Monarchies, before they could inherit the promised Land forever." It is said, "Edom is like a Heifer, and tramples upon all."

* Here we see what is represented as carcasses here, is said to be "Divided," in the verse before; another proof is this, that division is Death.

Grecia, compared to a Goat by Dan. 8:21.

Media and Persia, to a Ram. Dan. 8:20.

Israel to a "Turtle Dove" or Pigeon. See Cant. 2:12 and 14.

And he took all these and divided them, and set "one piece against another," to weaken them, that they might be destroyed in the end, as will eventually be done; but the TURTLE DOVE is to remain. Abraham would have destroyed them, but he knew that God had determined that they were to continue to sunset,* the end of the day, the period appointed by the vision. Then the Burning Lamp (margin says "Lamp of Fire," that is the Law of Fire, with the Glorious Shechinah,) shall pass between and through all the divided pieces of the Four Monarchies. And God's Most Holy Law will be revealed by Fire, and this will try all the pieces, and every man's work, of what sort it is, whether it be Gold, Silver, precious Stones, Wood, Hay, Stubble; every man's work will be made manifest, for the Day will declare it. This Fiery Law is the "Sword" that King Solomon took, and which will be brought to him again, (when the morning, i.e. manes of the Redemption comes,) and this will try the claim whether the Living Child, or True Anointed Messiah,   belongs to the Hebrew Church, and is "King David," "Priest" and "Prophet" of Israel, or is Jesus, who is called God of the Gentile Church.

* Or when the "Sun was going down."

But it is only in the morning, when the Hebrew Church arises into dominion, that she can give the Living Child "suck or nourishment." But behold the one that had been laid to her (as being of the Tribe of Judah, although he had no father, as it is said,) when she "considered IT" in the "morning" "Behold it was not my Son which I did bear." This morning is so spoken of in the Psalms and elsewhere, and so connected with certain circumstances and expressions, that almost any person can easily discern, that that period, or part of a day, has a much deeper meaning than can be applied to a common, or natural morning.*  I will quote a few of them, to wit: "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." Ps. 30:5. "Like sheep they are laid in the grave; death shall feed on them; and the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning." Ps. 49:14. "God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, and that right early." (The margin says when the morning appears.) Ibid. 46:5. "My soul waits for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning." Psa. 130:5. "My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will Look up." (Ibid. 5:3.) Then it will be seen that he, David, is the "Living Child" of the True Mother, the Hebrew Church; and that he is the Anointed Messiah, the "Leader and commander to" Israel, Isa. 55:3 and 4, and blesser of the whole world through them; and that she did bear this child the Third Day previous to the delivery of the Gentile Christian World of their Dead Child.

* And this is the kind of morning mentioned in 2 Sam. 23:4, "And HE (David) shall be as the LIGHT of the MORNING when the Sun riseth, even a MORNING WITHOUT CLOUDS."

But the most capital, pertinent, and striking part of this whole figure yet remains to be unfolded and brought to light. It is this: "And she arose at midnight, and took my son from beside me, while thy handmaid slept, and laid it (the 'Living Child') in her bosom, and laid her Dead Child in my Bosom." If it is clear from the foregoing texts that I have quoted, that the morning has reference to the Resurrection and Redemption morning, then it is likewise evident that the night must be that portion or period of time that precedes the morning, and must refer to this Gentile night; and it was at the commencement of this very night that the Gentile Church arose and took the "Living Child," King David,* from the Hebrew Church.

* And said David meant Jesus.

"For David, King of Israel, lives and exists;"

And took all those prophecies that he has declared concerning himself, and himself alone, and applied them to Jesus, and that while the Jewish Church was sleeping. And if there is a possibility of language being sufficiently definite and accurate to express and limit an Identity of Person, character, and office, and such an Identity as cannot be transferred to any other person or persons, without Overlaying this Living Child, it is in all those very prophecies that he declares concerning himself, and himself alone; and I challenge the Whole World to a trial of this by the Word of God.

In the first place King David was the Anointed of God, which is the same as the Messiah. (See 2 Sam. 23:1.) He was truly inspired with the Word of God. (See verse 2d.) He was a Prophet and a Priest, because he belonged to that nation that God declared should be unto Him both Kings and Priests.

He was of the Tribe of Judah, and Born at Bethlehem. See Sam. 16:1.

Now let us compare and consider the following portion of his Psalm, that David spoke concerning the Resurrection of himself, and himself alone, and see if it be possible to transfer the Identity of King David to any other person* whatever, without committing the greatest violence and robbery, for although it is admitted by Christians and Turks, that David will rise at the Resurrection, yet these parts of the Psalms have been applied to Jesus without any warrant and authority that can be brought forward, except out of a subsequent testimony, that they can only prove by itself, and that is intended not only to succeed, but also to supersede and contradict the Holy Law of God. For instance, David says, (Ps. 49:15,) "But God will redeem MY SOUL from the power of the Grave. He shall receive ME, Selah." Entirely corresponding with this, he says, in Ps. 16:9, 10, "Therefore MY heart is glad, and MY Glory rejoices, MY Flesh shall rest in Hope, for thou wilt not leave MY soul in Hell, neither wilt thou suffer thy 'HOLY ONE' to see corruption." (See Ps. 89:19 and 20.) "David, King of Israel, lives and exists." And is it not the most unwarranted change and transfer of the Identity of King David, the Anointed, i.e. Messiah of God, (see 2 Sam. 23:1,) to Jesus, or to King Solomon, or any one after him?

* I here use some tautology purposely, as is done in the 18th Psalm, in repeating nearly all of the 22d chapter of 2d Samuel; because I wish to impress upon the minds of my readers, by repetition, the immense importance of the Identity of David's Body rising out from the Grave, and not of that of another person. This treatise was written (as the reader will observe) in Jerusalem, in the year 1847, and the other parts since.

Upon what is Identity founded? And how is it known? Most assuredly upon Personality. This alone gives us Individuality, and a transfer of this Person, or Individuality, is the most unlawful and unwarranted sacrilege imaginable. Let a similar manner of procedure be attempted in any of our Courts of Judicature, to throw away the Identity of a person claiming even an earthly inheritance, and such robbery would be at once forever condemned, as the most unjustifiable proceeding imaginable. David speaks in the first person singular, invariably, without any possibility of transfer. Neither can there be such transfer, except by the False Mother arising during this Gentile night, and taking the promises made to the true "Living Child," King David, and transferring and applying them to Jesus, and thus laying and continuing the Dead child in the Bosom of the False mother. When the morning of the Redemption comes, and the True Mother arises to give suck to her Son, "and considers it," it will then be seen, not only by the mother of the "Living Child," (that "Behold it was not my (her) son which I did bear,") but all the World will consider and discern it when it is too late* for them; for Elijah is coming, (see Malachi 4:5,) and will prove the claim of these Two Mothers, or Churches, and will assemble all the False Worshippers of Baal before him, and will take "Twelve Stones" after the Twelve Tribes, and build an altar with them, and say, "Israel shall be thy name," (mark, Israel,) and will say, "Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God (alone) in Israel." (1 Kings 18:31 and 36.)

* And I am fully satisfied, as the light advances, and the affairs of God's providence is made manifest, that God will raise up honest minds in order to give this subject a careful but most thorough investigation, proving that David, King of Israel, is the only true anointed Messiah, as is indisputable when all the attendant circumstances are considered, and the Who, the When, the What and How are examined.

Looking at the mere circumstance of two women appearing before King Solomon, (as a test only of natural affection,) both claiming the "Living Child," the matter forever ends, as their claim was decided by that wise King in a very short period of time. But when we extend the representation, and apply it to the two women, representing the Hebrew and Gentile Churches, and the "Living Child," that is, to the True Messiah, the whole remains yet future; their claims remain undecided. The wisdom of King Solomon is operative, and still requisite to decide the most important of all claims yet future, and the King's vast wisdom and judgment throw great light and information in order to direct us in ascertaining this most important of all truths that has ever been contested for by the two great divisions of this world, viz., the Jews and Gentiles. Solomon saw this in his superlative wisdom, and set it forth in prophecy, corroborated by every fact that has since taken place; and that thousands of years before they were fulfilled; and we, if we have a sufficient degree of the same wisdom, may see it set forth in the by-gone pages of History, by every fact, intended for a time, too, when this very wisdom and decision are indispensably necessary.

It appears to my mind that this work has the superiority over other works, and must be absolutely true, for two great reasons. The first is, because it is given us in the symbolical and representative language of the Word of God itself, and every interpretation and explanation here given are only taken and used as is there done. The second great reason is, that where we have the representations and symbols given and so used by God himself, and so explained and interpreted, this language cannot be subject to any change, or to that misrepresentation that all other known languages are subject. Thus we see that our own English language has changed very much, even since the separation of the American Colonies from Great Britain. Take, for example, the two words "Fine" and "Clever," what they are intended to express in America is; by Fine, a superior and virtuous person, and by Clever, kind and obliging; but not so in England. Clever there means a talented and accomplished man, and by Fine a gay or superbly dressed person. And if we only travel from Liverpool or London to Yorkshire, we find much of their language almost unintelligible. Again, compare any ancient piece of Poetry or Prose, two or three hundred years old, with our present style, and it is so different that it can be hardly understood. Not so with the symbolical language of the Word of God. When the interpretation is there given, it remains the same for all ages. Again, facts prove for ages, and ever since the judgment and wisdom of King Solomon, that caused all Israel to fear him, (see the last verse of the 3d chapter of 1 Kings,) when they heard the decision he had given concerning the "Two Women" and the "Living Child," these things, I say, all plainly show us, that under these metaphors something much deeper and far more instructive was intended to be couched, and conveyed to future generations, than merely the trifling dispute and claims of only two poor individual women, which could or rather would, interest nobody but themselves.

Furthermore, David's individual Identity can never be transferred to any other person, neither can his right to the Messiahship, as he was both literally and spiritually anointed, or to the office of "King," "Priest," and "Prophet," unless he has forfeited his office and character by disobedience, or else made a voluntary transfer to some other person; either of which positions must be entirely false and delusive, since we have it declared by the word of God, as plainly and as positively as words can declare it, that this should never be done. (See Ps. 139:19 to 20th verses, which I shall here quote in David's own language to God;) "Then thou spoke in vision to thy Holy One, (see Ps. 16:10, whom God declares is his 'Holy One,') (to David,) and said, I have laid help upon one that is mighty, I have exalted one chosen out of the people, (and mind, not the Nazarene, but David,) I have found DAVID my servant; with my Holy Oil have I anointed HIM," (that is, made him Messiah, according to God's Most Holy Law and that anointing Oil, which is called God's, because made as directed in His Law.)

"With whom my hand shall be established; mine arm shall strengthen him; the enemy shall not exact upon HIM, nor the son of wickedness afflict* HIM. I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him. But my faithfulness and my mercy shall be with him, and in my name shall his Horn, (or Power) be exalted. I will set his hand on the sea, and HIS right hand on the rivers. He shall cry unto me, Thou art MY Father, MY God, and the Rock of MY Salvation. Also I will make HIM my First Born, higher than the Kings of the Earth. My mercy will I keep for HIM for evermore, and my covenant shall stand fast by HIM, his seed shall endure forever, and HIS Throne (David's Throne) as the days of heaven." And again, in verses 35 and 36 of the same chapter, "Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto DAVID; his seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me."

* Surely this cannot be said of Jesus, because they apply the 53rd of Isaiah to him, and make him "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief."

Now we learn from this chapter the following truths:

1st. That God spoke in vision to DAVID and called HIM his "Holy One."
2d. That he had "laid help upon ONE, that is, upon HIM that is mighty."
3d. That "he has exalted ONE (that is DAVID) chosen out of the People."
4th. That this person whom he had chosen and found was DAVID, his servant, and that with his "Holy Oil he had anointed HIM," or made HIM the HOLY ONE, the Messiah.
5th. That with him God's hand shall be established, and in his name (that is in God's power) shall David's Horn (or Power) be exalted.
6th. That God would "make him his 'First Born,' higher than the Kings of the Earth." Whereas David, when born into this world, was not the "First Born," but the Eighth Son. (See 1 Sam. 16:10.) But God will make him His "First Born" of all the redeemed creation, both in Power, Glory and in Blessing.
7th. That God's Mercy will he keep for him, (not only in forgiving him his sins,) but in causing him to inherit every mercy and blessing, in making to stand fast God's covenant with him.
8th. That David's seed (or children) should never become extinct, or cease to endure, and that his Throne should be established continuously, as the days of heaven.
9th. That all the above blessings God swore or confirmed by an Oath, and that, too, by his "holiness, that he would not lie unto David;" and repeats, that his seed shall endure forever, and his Throne as the Sun before him." Now let us sum up this evidence as declared in God's Word in the Who, the Where, the When, the What, and the How.

1st. Who was the Messiah? David was Anointed or made the Messiah by being literally anointed, as God commanded in his Holy Law, (see 1 Sam. 16:13,) "Then Samuel took the Horn of Oil and anointed him in the midst of his Brethren, and the spirit of God came upon him, from that day forward." See also 2 Sam. 23:1.

2d. Where was David made the Messiah, or Anointed?
At Bethlehem, (see 1 Sam. 16:1, 4,) "Fill thine horn with Oil and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided me a King among his sons." "And Samuel did that which the Lord spake; and came to Bethlehem.

3d. When was David declared to be the "Messiah of the God of Jacob?"
Above 1050 years before ever Christians set up another person in his Name, or claiming his Identity, office and character.

4th. What was that claim?
It was the claim of being the True Messiah or Anointed, according to the testimony of the Law and Prophets, and of being that "Deliverer"* of God's people Israel who should forever occupy the Throne of David, (for upon himself shall his crown flourish. Psalm 132:18,) as the true and rightful heir of that Throne, which Jesus never can inherit or occupy.

* And by giving us the "Sure mercies of David" and not Jesus. Is. 55:3.

5th. How was David made the Messiah, or the Anointed? *
David was made the Messiah because he was literally Anointed, which Jesus never was, as commanded and directed should be done in God's Most Holy Law, and that by a compound of ingredients which it was death even to add to, or take from one ingredient. (See Ex. 30:23, 33.) So we can plainly see that no other person than David, can possibly lay claim Legally to be the Messiah. Then we have the time distinctly given us when David was made the Anointed Messiah, in 1 Sam. 16:13. We have the time given us when David died, (1 Kings 2:10,) as he declares in Ps. 18:5, "The sorrows of Hell" (or Hades, or the Grave, which are the same,) "compassed me about; the snares of death prevented me." The David goes on and describes his rest in the grave, or Hades, in the next verse, (the 6th,) saying, "In my distress I called upon the Lord and cried unto my God: until he heard my voice out of his Temple, and my cry came before Him, even unto his ears." Then he goes on in the 7th verse describing the manner of his Resurrection, until the 16th verse, when he is to REGAIN his Messiahship and Kingship, and when God "SENT FROM ABOVE and TOOK HIM and drew him out of many waters, and from his STRONG ENEMY," (DEATH), and thus describes the very same thing as is declared by the Prophet Jeremiah, in his 30:9. When God "will raise up David their King unto them," at the Time of "Jacob's trouble," when "all faces are turned into paleness." But "he (Jacob, or Israel) shall be saved out of it," from these "many waters and strong enemies," as David describes them, and says they "were too strong for him," but the Lord brought him "forth also into a Large Place, he delivered me, because he delighted in ME." "This will be in the morning of the Resurrection," which is the only morning "without clouds," (see 2 Sam. 23:4,) when God will hear David's Voice, "and he will look up." (Ps. 5:3.) This is the morning when the True Mother "arises to give suck to her Son, and beholds that the dead child, or Messiah, that has been laid to her is the Son which she, the Jewish Church, did not bear." 1 Kings 3:21.

* Saul, David, Solomon, and Joash, received the Royal Anointing. Aaron and his sons the Sacerdotal. Elijah and Elisha the Prophetical. But David alone was the Great Anointed Messiah and the Deliverer of Israel, and a "King," Priest, and Prophet. As a King "he was a Man after God's own Heart;"†  as a Priest he went to "Achimelech the Priest," who "was afraid of him and gave him the hallowed Bread" that was only lawful for the Priests alone to eat, (1 Sam. 21:1;) he several times used the Ephod, (1 Sam. 30:7, 8, and 2 Sam. 6:14.) Nearly all his Psalms are sublimely Prophetic of Himself, when he "shall awake in God's Likeness in the morning--as he says, "My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord, in the morning will I direct my Prayer unto thee and LOOK UP." (Ps. 5:3.) Yea, truly it is in the resurrection morning that David will shine forth in all the Beauty, Strength and Glory of the redeemed humanity, as the Messiah of God; and he will be satisfied when he awaketh in God's "likeness." It will then be seen who is the "Living Child" and who is his Mother.

†  Saul was anointed, but was "REJECTED" of the Lord, for DISOBEDIENCE. See 1 Sam. 15:23.
Solomon was anointed; but when he was old "his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel," "and his heart was not Perfect with the Lord his God as was the heart of David his father." 1 Kings. 11:4 and 9.

So we have the very clearest and fullest proof who the True Messiah, or Living child, was at first, and who he was during his death,* or rest in Hades, or the Grave, and who he will be at the Resurrection. Truly when Christians find out what the Church of Rome has done for them, in forging, by "Pious Frauds and Lying Wonders," not only a false Messiah, but their whole Christian system, they will truly abhor in their inmost soul their very best morality, because it is based upon such a rotten system. When they discover this, to use their own language, they will "hate the Whore, make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire," (see Rev. 17:16,) and call and entreat the true literal Israel of God to "take away their reproach." "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach," (Is. 4:1.) Zechariah says, "That Ten Men shall take hold, out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, we will go with you, for we have heard that God was with you." (Zech. 8:23.) Most surely he cannot be with any of all the nations, or else they would be performing a Fool's errand in going to Israel; but it is because "God is with them" Then Christians will fully understand the 47th of Isaiah, and who is meant by the "daughter of Babylon and daughter of the Chaldeans." I lately asked one of the most eminent lawyers in this city, What right any person had to claim my Identity, and my name, and my office. He replied, none; who dare do it? What right have you, then, to claim David's Identity, name, and office, and apply it to Jesus of Nazareth?

* For God swore with an Oath "by his Holiness that his Seed should endure forever, and his Throne as the Sun before him," and that "upon himself shall his crown flourish." Ps. 132:18.

How are we to detect the fraud and robbery of another person who lays claim to our Identity?

First, by his assuming our Name, as is done by Christians, saying that "David means Beloved," and that "Jesus is the Beloved of God." Then by making another and an after Title, not merely to succeed, but to SUPERSEDE, the first genuine Title or Law of God; and that too by the date of the last claim being made many hundred years after the time the first original and genuine Title was made.

This is the case in all the above respects, with the New Testament, (so called.)

Again, the True Messiah was not to come when the Roman Empire was in the height of its Glory, (Luke 3:1,) as it was in the days of Jesus; but when it was to become so decayed and so low, that the great Image was to have descended all the way from the Head down to the "feet and toes," and to have become part of "Iron and part of clay," and should be "partly strong and partly broken," before ever God's Everlasting Kingdom could be set up by the Stone striking the Great Image of the four Gentile Monarchies. See Dan. 2:31, 44.

So here is a most striking error, in Christians having set up the Kingdom of God spiritually, in the year 4004, instead of the "Last Days." (See the "Dialogue between an Episcopal minister and a poor slave" at the end of this work fully exposing this error.)

Another proof that the True Messiah could not have come 1800 and more years since, is, that his coming is always mentioned by all the Prophets as to take place contemporaneously with the literal Restoration of Israel, and the gathering of the nations against Jerusalem. See Hosea 3:4, 5; Joel 3:1 to 16; Jer. 34:11 to 25, and 34:24 to 29, and 37:21 to 26.

And this Restoration of Israel is not to be gradual, but instantaneous, as we can clearly see from Isaiah 66:7 and 9, "Before she (Zion) travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child." "Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord; shall I cause to bring forth and shut the womb? saith thy God." And so declares the 131. Ps. 1, 2, 3 and 4. "Rejoice ye with Jerusalem and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice with joy, all ye that mourn for her."

Now we know, because we have fully proved it, that this man child is David; and we also know, that in every right Delivery the Head must come first; whenever the Head does not come first, it is a wrong presentation, the child must be turned, a hand or a foot must never first come and take precedence before the head; so with the Messiah in the Kingdom of God yet to come.

I have now introduced you to but a short acquaintance with these two Women, and their Living and Dead Child; and I have the best of all reasons for not being able to make you fully acquainted with them.

It is because of the darkness, yea the "Gross Darkness" of the present Christian dispensation of Pious "Frauds and Lying Wonders." It is because "this is the night when no (real) man can work." This is the night when "Darkness covers the earth and gross Darkness the people," (Is. 60:1,) and it is in this "midnight" of Darkness that the false Woman has taken so great an advantage of the True Mother, as to be able to palm her dead Messiah upon some of the Jewish Church, and place him in her bosom. But the "morning" has begun to dawn, when the true Mother will arise "to give suck" to her son, and then shall we clearly "discern between him that serves God and him that serves him not," (Mal. 3:18;) between that Messiah which has come in strict obedience to that Law, and particularly the 13th chapter of Deut., and has never made himself a God, and claimed to be the "Messiah" of the Law and the Prophets. It has deceived thousands and myriads, and the morning will declare it. Then, and not till then, can I give you a full introduction and acquaintance with these Two Women.

But the True Watchman speaks and loves to speak of that beautiful morning, and says, "What of the night? Watchman, What of the night? The Watchman said, The morning cometh and also the night: if ye will inquire, inquire ye; RETURN, COME." Is. 21:11, 12.

Written in Jerusalem in the year 1847.

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