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The Wars of the Lord

By Rabbi Bernard Illowy (1814-1875).

Title Page
Polemical Letters
    Response to the Call for a Rabbinical Conference, March 9, 1855
  The Israelite, vol. II, No. 14, 1855
  The Science of the Talmudists
  A Critique of Dr. Wise's History of the Jews
  Letter to Isaac Leeser with Reference to the Cleveland Conference
  Dr. Illowy's Letters
  The Reform Prayer Book
  The Second Day of Festivals
  Whom Shall We Follow?

Casuistic Decisions

  Responsa Concerning Jewish Burial of a Convert
  Letter to Dr. S. Abrahams on the Permissability of Autopsies
  Din Torah in New Orleans
  Trial and Suspension of a Mohel
  On the Admission of Converts