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Volume X Article Index
April 1852 - March 1853

Issue number is in parentheses
An Abstract of the Chizzuk Emunah, by B. F. Dias
Bible Truths, by S. S., No. V, No. VI., No. VII.
The Birth of Charity, by Uriah H. Judah
Ceremonial at Galveston, by Rev. M. N. Nathan
The Claims of Christianity, by Honestus (7)
The Cleveland Divorce Case
   Mr. Goldsmith's First Letter, (3)
  Mr. Joseph Levy's Letter (4)
  Notice (4),
  The Rev. Mr. Kalische's Letter,
  Mr. E. Goldsmith's Second Letter (6)
David Ottensosser's History of the Jews, by Rev. I Strouse,
Rev. Dr. Eckman at Augusta, (2)
  Judicial Oaths, (2)
  The Metropolitan Academy of New York,
  Many Happy Returns, (7)
  The Occident and its Course,
  To Our Readers (1),
  A Suggestion, (5)
  Thoughts on the Jewish Ministry, No. III. (2)
   No. IV., (3)
    No. V., (4)
    No. VI., (5)
  What Can be Done, No. I.,
    No. II.,
    No. III.,
    No. IV.,
Exegetical Lectures on the Bible, No. IV., by Rabbi Isidore Kalisch (2)
Female Hebrew Benevolent Society of Philadelphia,
Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia,
  President's Report, (3)
Hebrew Ladies' Sewing Society of Philadelphia,
Hebrew Prayers used by the Jews in China,
Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia, (1)
The Holy Land, (5) (7)
Israelites of Cleveland, (6) (7)
The Rev. Mr. Jacobs,
  Correspondence with the Editor from Charleston,
Jewish Calendar for 5613 (5)
Jewish Literature, by Dr. Frankel, (7)
The Jews in the Caucasus,
Jews in China, (1)
Jews in Switzerland, by Dr. S. Weil,
Le Juste-Milieu, by Nathan Malzer, &c.
Lecture by the Rev. Abraham De Sola, of Montreal (2)
Mr. Israel Bear Kursheedt, (3)
  Resolutions of Condolence at his Decease (3)
Letter from Cincinnati, by Henry Mack, (4)
    Note, (4)
  Second Letter, (6)
    Note, (6)
  To the Editor, by Democritus,(4)
Mr. Joseph Levy, of Cleveland (3)
Mr. Levy's Letter (3) Part 2 (4)
Literary Notices,
   A Critical Review of the Claim presented by Christianity for inducing Apostacy in Israel, (2)
  The Key of David, (2)
  The Obligation of the Sabbath
Liverpool Hebrew School,
Mr. E. Marcussohn, (7)
  Mr. M.'s Letter (7)
  S. Solis to Ellen Samuel, Liverpool
  Isaac Michael to Hannah Tobias, Buffalo
Native Jewish Talent
Rev. Mr. M. N. Nathans
Rev. Mr. Noot's School in New York (3)
Mr. C. Nussbaum (3)
News Items
   Atlanta, Ga.(2)
  Augusta, Ga. (2) (3)
  Baltimore, Md., 3)
  Barcelona, Venezuela (6)
  Basle, Switzerland (6)
  Bolivar, Tennessee (1)
  Boston (1) (2)
  Bnai Jeshurun Congregation, New York
  Breslau, Prussia (6)
  California (1)
  Charity Sermon by Rev. S. Jacobs, of Charleston
  Charleston, S. C. (3) (4)
  Cincinnati (1)
  Cleveland, Ohio (1)
  Columbia, S. C. (3)
  Columbus, Ohio (1)
  Contribution for Palestine (3)
  Detroit, Michigan (1) (5)
  England (3) (5)
  Rabbi Marchand Ennery
  Europe (1)
  Fort Wayne, Indiana (1)
  Galveston, Texas (1)
  Germany (5)
  The Hebrew Benevolent Fuel Society of Philadelphia (3)
  The Hebrew Literary Association of Philadelphia (6)
  Hebrew Young Men's Literary Association of New York
  Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
  The Holy Land (5)
  Hospital in New York (1)
  Italy (5)
  Rev. S. Jacobs
  Jewish Population of Germany
  Jewish Publication Society (1)
  Kingston, Jamaica
  Lafayette, Indiana (1)
  Lafayette, Louisiana (2)
  Louisville, Kentucky (1)
  Lubec, Germany
  Memphis, Tennessee (1)
  Mobile (2)
  Montgomery, Alabama (2)
  Munich, Germany
  Nashville, Tennessee (6)
  New Haven, (2)
  New Orleans, (2) (3) (6)
New York, (2) (3) (4) (5)
  New York Congregation Rodef Sholem
  Norfolk (3)
  Ober Endingen, Switzerland (6)
  Palestine (5)
  Panama, New Granada (3)
  Petersburg, Va. (3)
  Philadelphia (2) (5)
  Philadelphia Hebrew Education Society
  Pittsburg, Pa. (2) (6)
  Quincy, Illinois (1)
  Rabbis of Europe (1)
  Richmond, (3) (4)
  A Righteous Judgment,
  Rodef Sholom Congregation of Philadelphia, (3)
  Sacramento City, California (1)
  Savannah, Ga., (3) (4) (6)
  St. Louis, Mo., (1) (6)
  St. Thomas (3)
  St. Thomas, Justice and Liberality
  Switzerland (5)
  Syracuse, N. Y.
  Salem Fields Cemetery, N. Y.
  Stockton, California (1)
  Strasbourg, France (6)
  Talbotton, Georgia
  Testimonial to Mr. Hyman Polock (4)
  Vicksburg, Natchez, Woodville, and Clinton, Mississippi (2)
  Washington, D. C. (6)
  Williamsburgh, N. Y. (6)
  Wilmington, N. C.
  Wheeling, Va. (2)
  Zanesville, Ohio (1)
Notice of the Late Mr. Jacob J. M. Falkenau (5)
  Mrs. Fanny Etting
  Mrs. Bella Hart, Nov. 6, 1851
  Mrs. Hester Leontine Mayer
  Mrs. Johabeth Marks, Jan. 18, 1852
  Mrs. Phila Pesoa
Observations on the Jewish Year 5613 (6)
Origin and Progress of the Israelitish Congregation Anshe Chessed of Cleveland, by B. L. F. (6)
On the Origin and the Progress of Synagogues, by Rev. Dr. J. Eckman,
  Part I. (3)
  Part II. (4)
  Part III. (5)
Orthodoxy v. Heterodoxy, by S. N. C. (7)
  Mr. Cresson's Circular,
  The Destruction of Jerusalem, by Mrs. R. Hyneman (1)
  Hebrew Melodies, No. IV, by R. H. (1)
  Thoughts on Hearing the Sky Lark, by R. E. S. (1)
Prayer for Daily Guidance, by Rosa (2)
Presentation of a Silver Goblet to the Rev. Isaac Leeser, at Louisville (1)
Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai, by Dr. W. Landau (6)
Readings for the Old, Anon., No. IV. (1)
Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld,
Rolls of the Law from China deposited in National Libraries,
  Consecration Address at Sacramento City, by Joseph Shannon
  Divine Judgment
  The God of Israel
  The Hebrew Man, by Rev.Henry Giles (4)
  Lecture on Prayer, No. II (2)
  Lecture on Prayer, No. III (3)
  The Object of our Redemption (1)
  A Text and a Sermon (6)
The Spirit of the Beautiful, by S. S. (7)
Semi-Annual Examination of the Hebrew Education Society
  Joseph in Egypt, by Miss Sarah Cohen (4)
  Milcah, by Mrs. Marion Hartog
Testimonial of Respect to the Rev. Isaac Leeser, at Charleston. S. C. (1)
Third Annual Examination of the Montreal Sunday School (2)
Thoughts on the Ritual and its Recital, Anon. (5)
  Note by the Editor (5)
To the Jewish Public, by Joseph Levy (6)
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