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Volume IX Article Index
April 1851 - December 1851

Issues for January, February and March 1852 were not published.

Annual Report of the Hebrew National School of Kingston, Jamaica (3)
Beth Elohim Congregation of Charleston, S. C. by Rev. Julius Eckman
   Note by the Editor (3)
Beth Shalome Congregation of Richmond, Virginia, by Emeth (8)
Bible Truth [and Evolution], by S. S.
  Part I (5), Part II (7), Part III (8), Part IV (9)
Confirmation in the Congregation Rodef Sholem of Philadelphia (4)
Congregation Beth Elohim of Charleston, S.C., by S. N. C. (4)
  By C. (6)
  Remarks by the Editor (6)
  By S. N. C. (7)
Consecration of the New Synagogue Knesseth Shalom of Syracuse, N. Y. (7)
Conversion Missionaries (8)
The Death of Saul, by Miss Sarah Cohen (1)
Dias' Letters, No. 28 (1)
Rev. Dr. Eckman and his Congregation, by the Editor (4)
Dr. Julius Eckman, by N. (2)
  Note by the Editor
  Introduction (1)
  Thoughts on the Jewish Ministry (8)
Elegant Presentation (1)
  Address of Committee
  Mr. Leeser's Reply
The Election of Hazan at Philadelphia (2)
  1st Letter of A. T. J. (2)
     Sequel (3)
  2d Letter of A. T. J. (3)
The Episcopal Recorder on the Jews (Editorial) (7)
Epitaph to the Memory of Mrs. Stella Meldola (8)
Exegetical Lectures on the Bible, by Rabbi Isidore Kalisch of Cleveland
  Part I. (1)
  Part II. (6)
  Part III. (9)
  Part IV.
To My Familiar Spirit, by L. R. J. (5)
A Funeral Panegyric to the Memory of M. M. Noah, by A. Wellington Hart (2)
The Rev. H. A. Henry (8)
Jewish Calendar for 5612 (5)
Ladies' Sewing Society of New York (1)
Letter to Mrs. S. C. Hall, on her Sketch of Grace Aguilar, by J. L.  Levison (8)
Rev. Dr. Lilienthal's School (2)
Literary Announcement
Louisville Congregation (6)
Marriage Address, by the Rev. B. H. Gotthelf, at Louisville (8)
The Necessity of Union, by C. (2)
Mr. Newman's Reply to C. (4)
News Items
    Albany, N. Y. (2) (3) (7) (8) (9)
  Asia (4)
  Augusta, Ga. (3) (6)
  Baltimore, Maryland (5)
  Bangor, Maine (7)
  Berlin, Wisconsin (8)
  B'nai Jeshurun Congregation of New York (8)
  Boston, Massachusetts (7) (9)
  Buffalo (7)
  Charleston (1) (4)
  Chicago (5)
  Cincinnati (2) (4) (6) (9)
  Columbia (4)
  Congregation Rodef Sholem of Philadelphia (3) (4)
  Easton, Pa. (2)
  England (4) (7)
  Europe (9)
  Isaac Hart, Esq. of New Orleans (6) (8)
  Hartford, Connecticut (7)
  Hebrew Education Society of Philadelphia (1)
  Hebrew Education Society School (3)
  Hebrew Literary Association of Philadelphia (6)
  Rev. H. A. Henry (5)
  Rev. D. M. Isaacs (7)
  Kingston, Jamaica (4)
  Lafayette, Indiana (8)
  Louisville (9)
  Memphis, Tenn. (2)
  Mobile, Ala. (1) (2) (9)
  Montgomery, Ala. (8)
  Montreal, Canada (2)
  New Haven, Connecticut (7)
  New Orleans (2)
    Consecration of Synagogue Shangaray Chassed (1)
    Hebrew Benevolent Association (1)
    Hebrew Sunday School (5)
  New York
    The Congregation Bnai Israel (2)
    Dr. Lilienthal (9)
    M. M. Noah, death notice (1)
  Philadelphia (2) (4) (8)
    The Congregation Kenesseth Israel (3)
  Pittsburg (3)
  Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (7)
  Providence, Rhode Island (7)
  Richmond, Va. (3) (7)
  Rochester, N. Y. (7)
  Saint Louis (3)
  San Francisco, California (2)
  Savannah, Ga. (6)
  Shearith Israel Congregation of New York (3)
  Sweden (2) (4)
  Switzerland (2)
  Sydney, New South Wales (5)
  Syracuse (2) (7)
  The Thirteenth Annual Examination of the Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia (1)
  Utica (7)
  Young Men's Literary Association (2)
  Mr. O. M. Da Costa (3)
  Mrs. Sarah Jos. Bomeisler (4)
The Misses Palache's School (3)
Pilgrimage to the Grave of Grace Aguilar, by Mrs. S. C. Hall (7)
  Hebrew Melodies, No. 3, by Mrs. Rebecca Hyneman (1)
  Kippur, by Mrs. R. H. (8)
  Stanzas, by A. A. (3)
  A Vision, by Rosa Emma Salaman (1)
A Prayer for the Government, by Rabbi I. Kalisch (9)
Principles of Judaism, No. III, by Rev. Dr. I. M. Wise (1)
  Note by the Editor
  No. IV, by Dr. W. (4)
    Note by the Editor
  No. V., by Dr. W. (6)
    Note by the Editor
To the Public (9)
Readings for the Old, No. I (4)
  No. II (6)
  No. III. (8)
Readings for the Young, by S. S., No. IX, Prejudice (3)
On the Resurrection, by Rev. Dr. J. Eckman (3)
Report of the President of the Hebrew Education Society (4)
  The Covenant, by Rev. J. K. Gutheim (6)
  A Few Words on Penitence, by the Rev. S. Morais (9)
  The Divine Judgment Improved, by Rev. Dr. Meldola (1)
  The Essence of Judaism (3)
  The Institution of Prayer in the Historical Development (5)
  The Testimony (2)
  True and False Worship (4)
  Wedding Address (2)
The Snow Drop, an Allegory, by R. E. S. (3)
Sunday School at Columbia, S. C. (5)
The Task of the Jews in the United States, by Isidore Bush (9)
The Triumph of Love, by Grace Aguilar (8)
Two Short Prayers, by R. E. S. (5)
  Editorial Notice
Uncertainty of the Dogmas of Christianity, by J. R. Peynado (3)
Jerusalem (as Complement)
Introduction to Vol. IX. (1)
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